XtremeMac MicroMemo for the iPod Nano now available in the UK

The latest gadget for the iPod Nano 4G from XtremeMac might come in handy for all students and professionals who are in need of voice recording on the go. The XtremeMac MicroMemo voice recorder for iPod Nano, a big hit at MacWorld, has now also arrived in the UK.

Easyishop has announced that they will be the first UK retailer to offer the XtremeMac voice recorder for the iPod Nano 4G, and the expected sales date is sometimes in March.

XtremeMac MicroMemo voice recorderThe XtremeMac MicroMemo detachable microphone easily attaches to the iPod Nano dock, where it also gets its power from. The built in speaker from the MicroMemo makes it convenient and easy for the user to listen to their voice recording that is saved as WAV on the iPod and easily transfer to your computer when the iPod is connected to iTunes.

As the XtremeMac MicroMemo voice recorder is fully integrated into the iPod Nano’s main menu, the recording will immediately be visible and available on the screen of the iPod Nano.

There is also the opportunity to use other microphones  with a 3.5mm jack plug or it can even record audio from a different source through line-in capabilities. It comes with the ‘Made for iPod’  logo as a symbol of quality.

The XtremeMac MicroMemo can be ordered from Easyishop.co.uk from  Marc, with the possibility of pre-ordering from £39.99. You might also want to check Xtrememac iPod accessories from Amazon UK.

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