Xtrememac Luna X2 adds iPhone compatibility

For those of you that have been waiting for the XtremeMac Luna X2 to be abvailable, iLounge has received an update from Xtrememac CEO Gary Bart explaining that they have had some production problems that has been out of their control, but that they have taken the opportunity to add iPhone compatibility to the Luna X2 and that it should hit the market in the beginning of August.

Xtrememac Luna X2For those of you still wondering what the Xtrememac Luna X2 is, it’s an advanced iPod dock alarm clock, or as Xtrememac calls it themselves, a high-performance room audio system. It comes with a nice big on-screen menu to adjust the settings to your personal preference. You can set individual alarms to be woken up to your favourite song from your iPod, the radio, or a standard buzzer. You can also adjust the timing and volume of the snooze and sleep functions.

Its predecessor the Extrememac Luna won the iLounge best alarm clock of the year award in 2007, and the Luna X2 is build on the same solid accoustic foundation. Just think of the Luna X2 as the previous model on steroids.

We will come back with a further review when the Luna X2 hits the market. Expected retail price is around £60. At Amazon UK you can sign up to be notified when the Xtrememac Luna X2 is in stock.


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