Xtrememac incharge Home BT bluetooth adapter for your speakers

Xtrememac have upgraded their incharge Home box to feature bluetooth, allowing you to use it with your sound system to at least partially enable Airplay streaming from your bluetooth enabled iOS device.

Xtrememac incharge Home BT bluetooth adapter

What this tiny blackbox from Xtrememac does is AirPlay enable your sound system that would otherwise not be able to accept audio streaming, saving you from having to invest in a new AirPlay speaker. The only wires you need to enable this is the 3.5mm line out from the inCharge Home BT box to the same line-in on your sound system. The Xtrememac incharge Home BT will then act as the link between your bluetooth enabled audio player and your sound system.

We have not been able to find the Xtrememac incharge Home BT here in the UK yet, but based on a US retail price of $80 we can expect a price around £70-80 here as well, raising the question of why you should buy this one instead of for example an AirPort Express adapter from Apple, that will enable AirPlay as well for your sound system, and cost around the same.

Unlike the AirPort Express which uses wi-fi to stream, which is known to have a small lag in sound transfer, bluetooth is instant, and there are a lot more devices that are able to stream over bluetooth compared to AirPlay. Some also report that AirPort Express can have a tendency to run very hot when left on for longer periods.

If you want a bluetooth adapter to enable AirPlay on your sound system, but don’t want to wait until the Xtrememac incharge Home BT becomes available here in the UK, check out our post on alternatives for Airplay streaming.

[source: Xtrememac via Wired]


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