Jobs will be no-show at WWDC as Schiller takes the podium once again

It was today announced that Steve Jobs will not be delivering the keynote speak at the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this June in San Francisco, where it is expected that Apple will announce the next 3rd generation iPhone as well as introduce the developer community further to the iPhone OS 3.0 and the next version of the Mac OS X, Snow Leopard.

This is the second big conference in a row that Steve Jobs will miss following the many rumors about his health as he also was absent from Macworld earlier this year, where instead Phil Schiller, senior VP of worldwide product marketing took the stage to deliver all the new functionalities of the iPhone OS 3.0 amongst other. Schiller will once again be the person to deliver the keynote speak, and hopefully announce the launch of the new and improved 3rd generation iPhone.

The Apple share price at the moment is down 3%, with the announcement that Steve Jobs will once again be absent sure to have had an impact on investors.

In the announcement all rumors about the upcoming 3rd generation iPhone was also absent, whilst one of the focuses were towards the iPhone OS 3.0 and its functionality for developers, as well as of course the much expected launch of Snow Leopard. One can read two things into their silence around the next generation iPhone; that they are not revealing anything until the actual event, and possibly then announce that it will be a slight upgrade, or that they are managing the expectations to surprise the market with a much improved iPhone that will then skyrocket the shareprice once again. The first is most likely according to the latest iPhone rumors.


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  3. Awesome post. Gotta love technology. Thanks!

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