Would you put money on the table for an iPhone 5 today? Survey says yes

There are very good reasons for Apple’s success, besides just their product range, and that is the power of their brand and the consumer loyalty. We have probably all heard the expression ‘Apple Fanboys’ about the often cult-like following of Apple and their products, but would you put money on the table today for the iPhone 5 without knowing much about it?

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A recent survey done in the US by Pricegrabber indicates that amongst the close to 3,000 people responding, close to 35 percent of them would buy the iPhone 5 this year, with 50 percent saying they would buy it within a year. 7 percent of respondents said they would buy the yet to be announced iPhone 5 within the first week, an indication that when it gets released it will break all previous sales records.

The iPhone 5 is of course yet to be announced by Apple, but all rumors are hinting at a late August announcement with a release date sometime in September of this year.

In the survey they also polled respondents about what they would like to see from the iPhone 5, with the most popular replies being:

  • Better battery life (59%)
  • Cost reduction (55%)
  • 4G network compatibility (46%)
  • Larger screen (45%)
  • Improved camera (42%)

What are the key areas of improvement in the iPhone 5 that will make you buy it/upgrade?

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For those wondering what to get family/friends for Christmas this year, you are likely to get it very right with an iPhone 5 (or any other Apple device for that matter) as 69 percent of respondents indicated the iPhone 5 on top of their wishlist. There is of course a good chance they would already have bought it themselves before then.

More on the rumors around the iPhone 5 here.

[source: Prnewswire via HuffingtonPost]


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