Wobble App for iPhone and iPod Touch – lets you wooble boobs and any other body part

Not long after Apple declined the much discussed iBoob application because it was deemed to be indecent as it was geared towards a spesific part of a womans anatomy, they have now approved the Wobble animation application for the iPhone and iPod Touch from Australian company Glentwood Pty Ltd.

The iBoob application was much anticipated among iPhone and iPod Touch owners worldwide, with videoes of the application on YouTube gathering millions of views. However the application never made it past the Apple application control. However, the Wobble animation application is possible an even better application that also lets you wooble a womans boobs if that is your perogative, or any other part of a picture.

The new Wobble application for iPhone and iPod Touch does not come with any images in the library, rather it lets you take any picture from your iPhone/iPod Touch and add animated wobbles to any part of the image/photo, such as boob wobbles, bum wobbles, leg wobbles, or wobble anything your heart and mind desires.

The Wobble application is available to download from iTunes App Store now for only £0.59 or $0.99.

After downloading the Wobble App for iPhone and iPod Touch all you have to do to get started is add some pictures to your iPhone/iPod Touch library, open the Wobble Application, select the picture, position the round wobble region overlays over the parts of the picture you wish to wobble, and then shake your iPhone or iPod touch up, down, or sideways, depending on how you want things in the image to wobble.

  • Grab a photo from your iPhone camera or photo gallery
  •  Add one or more wobble regions
  • Pinch and drag the the regions to size and position
  • Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Watch how your photos bounce to life!
  • Save and share your wobble creations

Download the Wobble Application from the iTunes App Store for only £0.59 or $0.99 today.


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