With the iPad Mini announced, what will happen to the iPod Touch?

The Apple product map for portable devices is starting to become quite crowded with the launch of the iPad Mini to sit alongside the original size iPad (now iPad 4) and the two different sized iPhones in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. With all these portable devices in varied sizes and prices, where does the new iPod Touch now sit in the product landscape?

Is there room for iPod Touch after the iPad Mini launch

When Apple announced a refresh of the iPod Touch 5th generation a month or so ago, it was the first real refresh of the ‘fun’ iPod Touch in two years. Spec wise the new iPod Touch looks quite impressive with its 4-inch Retina display, but with a price starting at £249 for the 32GB version, would you rather have the iPod Touch or add another £100 to get the same model iPad Mini? I know that £100 may sound much, but considering the difference in the devices, it is not that much. With the price difference between the two devices being so close, is there any room left for the iPod Touch in the market?

I have always thought that if you have a mobile phone and an iPod Touch, you might as well get an iPhone as it does both in one device. Yes, there is a price difference, but depending on your mobile contract/spend, it does not have to be more expensive over a 12 month period. Now, if you have an iPod Touch primarily for music and maybe apps like Nike+, then you might as well have the new iPod Nano. If you have the iPod Touch primarily for games, then you might as well go for the new iPad Mini.

So, i am asking the question, why would you buy the new iPod Touch? Even Apple does not seem so sure about the positioning of the iPod Touch anymore. My guess is that the iPod Touch will glide into history, not unlike the iPod Classic, but they will milk that cash cow as much as possible until there isn’t a dime more to get out of it.

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