Will we get flash for iPhone and iPod Touch?

The Dallas Morning News recently posted in their technology blog that Adobe is in extensive testing to ensure that their Flash technology will work on Apple’s Safari browser, thereby allowing all iPhone and iPod Touch users the chance to watch youtube content etc. on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Most of the video content online is in Flash format so a solution to the compatibility issue with the Safari browser would open up access to a lot more video content for all owners of the iPhone and the iPod Touch. According to the article Adobe has been able to get a version to work on the emulation, but they are still to make it work and be stabile on the device itself.

However there are quite a few obstacles in the way before iPhone users can watch Flash content. First of all Apple themselves have not been overly interested in getting Flash compatible with their technology, simply because they feel that it is not stabile and good enough and that the Flash plugin will take up too much resources to work efficiently. You can read more about this in an article by AppleInsider.

Hopefully we will see Adobe and Apple coming up with a solution that will give all of us access to all content on any device, or that someone else comes up with an efficient technology that can replace Flash for video content online.


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  1. I really hope Apple and adobe can come to some agreement as I’d really love my ipod touch to be flash compatible.

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