Why your next speaker dock should include AirPlay or bluetooth

The iPod speaker dock market is still going strong and the traditional docking method still seem to prevail over the more expensive AirPlay solutions or bluetooth speakers. But if you are in the market for a new speaker dock / sound system for your iOS device these days, there are some strong arguments for ensuring it includes a streaming option.

So exactly why do i think you should spend the extra money to get AirPlay or bluetooth streaming included in your next speaker dock you ask. Well, how about the 3 reasons below.

Apple might change the dock connector

If we are to believe the latest iPad 3 rumors the next generation iOS devices might get a smaller dock connector, which therefore will not be compatible with most iPod speaker docks in the market at the moment. There is every reason to believe that Apple will provide some sort of adapter to make a new smaller dock connector compatible with older systems (at a cost to you of course), but in the end Apple has now for years been working towards making the iOS device less dependent on wires, and that includes the dock connector.

The safe advise to preempt any changes from Apple is to get a system that has wireless streaming capabilities, like an AirPlay speaker or a bluetooth speaker.

Taking advantage of the device’s capabilities

If the above argument is not incentive enough to make the change, then you should also consider the advantages of having a system that can take wireless streaming. With an Airplay enabled sound system you can have total control right there at the tip of your fingers, using your device as the remote control, often with enhanced features through dedicated apps, giving you access to thousands of radio stations and other features.

If you use your iOS device for gaming or to watch videos etc. it also means that you can enhance the audio experience by streaming the sound from your games and apps to your sound system for a wider and better experience.

The social aspect of streaming

With an AirPlay enabled sound system you can also bring a new social aspect to music listening at your party. Using either the remote app or other dedicated apps you an allow other people to bring input into the music that is being played. I can even see playlists being altered based on people voting or even the mood of the people connected to you at that specific time. I think we will see some very interesting apps around social music experience that is set up for a more social inclusive listening experience.

If you are not convinced yet, check out some of the top AirPlay speakers and bluetooth speakers here, and compare prices with some of the best iPod speaker docks in the market. Spending that little extra now could save you having to upgrade again when you get your next iOS device.


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