Why O2 will cut prices on the iPhone 3G soon

Although over a million iPhone 3G have been sold in the UK to date, there might be some good news coming for those that have not yet bought one as rumors are that a price cut on the iPhone will be coming from O2 within the next couple of months, following price cuts on the G1 android headset in the US and other countries (Source: ITPro)

Now you might ask why a price cut on the G1 handset will lead to a price cut on the iPhone in the UK? Well, it is expected that there will be a new Android phone out in the next coming months, the G2 as it is also referred to, just as there are plenty of rumors of Apple getting ready to launch a new and improved iPhone, especially after it got known that they are soon to present the new iPhone OS 3.0 that will feature enhanced functionality for the iPhone.

Now the rumors around the price cut on the iPhone 3G in the UK with O2 can be considered likely as they will be looking to shift stock quickly if we are looking at a July release of the next generation iPhone. But we are not likely to see O2 throwing the iPhone 3G at customers, as the expected price cut will be offering the 16gb iPhone for free to customers on a £35+ contract. To get that handset free now you would have to go up to a £75 a month contract.

If all the rumors does come true then you might have to consider if you are going with a price cut iPhone 3G soon, or wait another few months for the next generation iPhone – a though choice.


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