Why you should get the iPod Touch 5 if it arrives

When Apple held their WWDC keynote speech this year there was plenty to get excited about even for iPod Touch owners and fans out there as far as the next 5th generation iPod Touch goes.

Although Apple is yet to announce a new iPod Touch 5 or what it might look like and feature, i have decided to make an educated guess/speculate as to why you would want to get one based on the new things that was revealed at WWDC earlier this June. Fact is there were quite a few things for current and future iPod Touch owners to get excited about, especially when it came to iOS 5 features.

AirPlay mirroring

One of the new features in iOS 5 that so far has been announced as an iPad 2 compatible only feature is AirPlay mirroring, which allows you to mirror the entire screen of your iPad onto your television set (need an Apple TV 2 of course).

The fact that so far this has been announced as an iPad 2 only feature could be down to the A5 processor found in that device only. With the 5th generation iPhone and iPod Touch around the corner both of these devices will likely support AirPlay mirroring as well, making it possible to stream your iOS games onto the big screen for your gaming enjoyment. For serious iOS gamers out there that could well be reason enough to upgrade to the iPod Touch 5.

With an A5 chip it would also make the device faster, improving the gaming experience further.


The new messaging protocol between iOS devices bypasses the need to have a network service plan, and should work for iPod Touch as well running iOS 5 and being connected to a WiFi. This might not be a compelling feature to make people buy an iPod Touch, but it is a good new feature allowing you to more easily stay connected on your iPod Touch.

A 3G version

I know this is likely to be an impossible dream for the iPod Touch as it would take it too close to an iPhone, and the networks would be charging too much to access their data networks, but it is available for the iPad. If Apple can do it with the iPad then it should be possible to do it with the iPod Touch as well, and with some careful management of price points they could ensure that it would not impact negatively on margins. Do it think it will happen this? probably not.

Will the iPod Touch 5 arrive?

Apple is as always very tight-lipped when it comes to arrival of new/upgraded products, and we are still a couple of months away from the normal September upgrade cycle for the iPod range, but there are lots of speculations around the future of the iPod Touch.

References found in the iOS 5 beta code hints at a minor upgrade coming for the iPod Touch, perhaps similar to what is expected from the iPhone 5 (which might be the iPhone 4S), but if we are being over-analytical the lack of an iPod Touch back-to-school deal from Apple this summer could perhaps be an indication that there is no need to clear old stock while they prepare for the launch of a new model in September.

For now we just have to be patient and wait for a leak or announcement from Apple it looks like.

You can read more about old, current, and new iPod Touch 5 rumors here.


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