White iPod Touch 5 – Color option might be biggest change this fall

Recent reports and rumors indicate that this years iPod Touch 5 refresh might get minor facelifts only in the form of a white iPod Touch version as Apple shifts focus on the more lucrative iPad and iPhone range.

White iPod Touch 5

It is Appleinsider that are reporting these latest developments based on information from Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In the recent third quarter Apple earnings report it was clear that the big contributors to the record quarter was the iPhone and iPad, whilst the iPod range only accounted for 5 percent of the revenue, of which half of the 7.5 million iPods sold were iPod Touch models. It looks like the iPod range that started the glorious decade for Apple is about to go out on date, but as i wrote in an earlier article, there are good reasons for Apple not to worry about declining iPod sales.

According to Kuo Apple has placed orders for white iPod Touch models to be produced in the coming quarter, in time for the normal iPod range update, but that build plans indicate few or none other changes from the current iPod Touch model.

One of the reasons mentioned as to why the iPod Touch specs might not match those of a coming iPhone 5 is the popularity and demand for the iPad and iPhone taking priority in a market where sourcing components  is a challenge. Previous years has also seen the iPhone upgrade happen during the summer, giving Apple a chance to cover a few months demand before matching the iPod Touch with some of the same features. This year the devices might come out at the same time, and Apple would naturally favour the iPhone over the iPod Touch for keeping supply up with demand.

So while iPod fans might have high expectations for the coming iPod Touch 5, it looks like color options might be Apple’s answer to boosting demand leading up to Christmas. Personally i think that might make quite a few people disappointed, but then again it might make more people go for the iPhone or iPad 2, and perhaps that is what Apple is after.

[source/image: Appleinsider]


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