White noise continues: New delay for white iPhone 4 possibly to fix antenna issue

For those of you waiting for the now mythical white iPhone 4, you will have to wait a bit longer as Apple has announced that the white iPhone 4 is likely not available until later this year, with no specific date provided as yet.

It has earlier been rumoured that the white iPhone 4 would become available towards the end of July, but following the much talked about “antenna gate” some are speculating in Apple delaying the white iPhone 4 on purpose so that they can fix the antenna issue before it is released into the market.

delays for White iPhone 4

The speculations are of course based on Apple offering to provide free cases/bumpers to iPhone 4 owners up to September 30th this year, and that delaying the white iPhone 4 will buy them time to fix these issues, avoiding having to fund more cases in the future. Funding the free cases are expected to cost Apple about $175 million, which considering their Q3 earnings would still only be a small bump in their impressive profits.

Perhaps a more realistic explanation to the whole white iPhone 4 delay question is the overall lack of supply of the iPhone 4 in the market. Apple has admitted that demand has been higher than expected and that they are working hard to match supply with demand, but that there will still be limited supply in the near future. With the issues producing the white iPhone 4, and the likely additional cost for Apple in production, it does make sense that Apple is focusing their efforts in aligning supply with demand with the current production model instead of focusing on getting the white iPhone 4 into the market.

If you have been waiting on the white iPhone 4 but can’t be asked to wait any longer, check out our iPhone 4 review and buyers guide.


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