White proves troublesome for Apple and the iPhone – where it went wrong

Unlike the lyrics in the Michael Jackson song, for Apple it does matter if your iPhone is “black or white”. As the white iPhone 4 is finally arriving in 28 countries today, Apple senior VP Phil Schiller has talked to AllthingsDigital about the troubles with turning the iPhone 4 white.

White iPhone 4

It has been close to a year since Apple first announced the iPhone 4, and said it would be available in both black and white, but that was before the headaches began. As Mr Schiller said; “It’s not as simple as making something white. There’s a lot more that goes into both the material science of it.”

One of the issues with the white iPhone 4 was how the color created unexpected interactions with the internal components. Like me, the white iPhone 4 needed some extra UV protection it looks like.

But did it really take Apple a year to sort out these issues with the color, or is there more to it? If we look at it from Apple’s side of things, knowing that the iPhone 5 would likely have to be pushed back slightly, and not cannibalizing on sales of the black iPhone 4. At this point they have milked the black version, and with the increased competition from Android handsets, making a big scene of the arrival of the white iPhone 4 can boost sales for a couple of months while Apple is getting ready to release the upgraded 5th generation iPhone.

On a funny note, perhaps the white iPhone 4 should come with a small bottle of free sunscreen lotion.


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