Where to buy the iPad Mini and iPad 4 in UK

Both the iPad Mini and the new iPad 4 is launched in the UK now, and early indications are that demand is high and stock is limited, although this is likely to improve as we get closer to Christmas. Either way it could be a good idea to get in there early if you want to make sure you get your hands on one in time.

Apple iPad Mini and iPad 4

In hope to make it easier for you to find places to buy these new Apple iPad’s, we have created the below overview of places that is selling or will be selling the iPad Mini and the iPad 4.

Apple online and stores

You can of course go straight to the source for both the iPad Mini and the iPad 4. With all new models, Apple tend to protect from aggressive price competition on their devices, so you are not necessarily going to find the devices cheaper anywhere else either (most likely prices will be the same everywhere before Christmas). However, if you are looking to get one with cellular data and a data contract, then it could be worth shopping around for the best deals. Shop with Apple online.

Online and high street retailers

Several of the best know high street and online electrical retailers are or will be stocking both the iPad Mini and the iPad 4. Not all of us live next to an Apple store, so it can be more convenient to order from other retailers for either home delivery or for store pick up. Some of the better known retailers stocking the new iPad’s are:

Mobile networks and providers

Many of the leading online and high street mobile phone operators are confirmed to carry both the iPad Mini and the iPad 4, in both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + cellular options. The new EE network (formerly Everthing Everywhere) have also confirmed that both iPad Mini and iPad 4 will work on their new 4G network.

Other mobile phone retailers confirmed to carry the new iPads include:

You can also check out how the iPad Mini stacks up against it smaller competitors in our best 7-inch tablet comparison.

Not that fussed about getting the latest iPad 4, then you can still check out prices on iPad 3 and the iPad 2 here.


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