What’s on the presidential candidates iPod?

As the presidential candidate primaries are coming to a competitive close (at least for the democrats), we thought we would help all voters who have not made a decision yet make up their mind by revealing the ipod playlists of the candidates.

According to About.com senator Barack Obama is a fan of old school artists like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Miles Davis, but there is also some Jay-Z and Beyonce on his iPod. Not a bad mix as we give Obama a Republic score of 7/10.

Hillary Clinton is also favouring some classics as according to Foxnews.com her ipod playlist includes the likes of Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and The Eagles. We give her a Republic score of 6/10 as there is a lack of being in touch of the youth of today and a bit too much retirement home artists.

Republican presidential candidate John McCaine is favouring some old school swedish music as he declares that ABBA is on heavy rotation on his iPod. Without putting down one of the largest selling groups in history, we have to give McCain a 3/10 Republic score as there is a complete lack of being ‘down’ with the youth of America!

Based on the iPod playlists we will have to give our support to Barack Obama as the next president of the United States of America. Supporting the decision is also that he as stated that he will work to stop Apple from releasing new versions right after launching a new model.


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