What’s next: Next generation iOS devices

The interest around Apple and their products is always high so as soon as something is launched everyone starts speculating on what is coming next from the HQ in Cupertino and what will the features be of the next generation of devices.

What's next from Apple

We have pulled together a small guide to what’s next from Apple when it comes it iOS devices with links to relevant resources and information.

Apple iPhone 5

There has been a lot of rumors around the 5th generation iPhone that normally would be announced at the WWDC in June, but that this year might be delayed or not come until next year, with a possible iPhone 4S coming in August instead.

With all the dual-core handsets coming onto the market running Android OS it is believed that Apple will be delivering a dual-core iPhone before the end of the year, but that it might not be the full iPhone 5 given that they earlier this year released the iPhone 4 on Verizon as well.

Find out more about rumored design and features of the Apple iPhone 5 here.

Apple iPad 3

The rumors around the Apple iPad 3 (3rd generation) started even before the iPad 2 was announced fully, and was based on rumors that Apple would not be able to deliver a Retina display for the iPad 2 in time for its launch date. But Retina display is not the only rumored feature of the iPad 3, which some believe will be out before the end of the year.

Find out more about rumored features of the Apple iPad 3 here.

Apple iPod Touch 5

What can Apple do to further improve on the iPod Touch, a device that is already very light and portable. Rumors are that the next generation iPod Touch will further build on the device as a portable gaming solution, possibly delivering a larger screen that also has support for 3D gaming and movies.

More on this and a lot more rumors  on the iPod Touch 5 here.

Other more speculative iOS devices

Here are a handful of other more speculative iOS devices that could become a reality and therefore warrant some speculation.

Apple iPad Nano

The future of the Apple iPod has been put in question ever since Apple released the iPhone and the iPad, and no more than at the moment given the focus on iOS devices, iCloud, and wireless connectivity. The current iPod Touch has been a huge success for Apple as a portable gaming solution, but consumers are increasingly getting accustomed to slightly larger screen sizes for portable units, so could it be that Apple is planning to replace the iPod Touch with a 4-5 inch screen Apple iPad Nano?

Apple Television

No, we are not talking about a new Apple TV box, but rather a real television set this time, and it will be running iOS just like the iPad and the iPhone will, or at least those are the rumors.

The rumors about Apple building their own range of television sets have been around for a while, but following Google releasing their Sony Google powered internet tv and news that they will be introducing tv’s that will be running the coming version of Android, it is likely that Apple has put some extra investment and power behind this project to make it come to life a bit earlier than perhaps anticipated.

As for what to expect from an Apple TV, lets start with it looking sleek and support iOS firmware for some serious movie watching and gaming. My biggest issue would be possible restrictions on what file formats it would accept when it came to streaming over AirPlay.

Latest Next Generation news

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