5th generation iPod Nano – what can we expect?

With all the talk about the 3rd generation iPod Touch and the Apple Tablet, the other iPod models have taken a backseat in the rumor mill, but with the annual iPod event getting closer and closer it becomes more likely that at least some of the other iPod models will also receive a new lease on life, including the iPod Nano 5G.

The 5th generation iPod Nano, also refered to as iPod Nano 5G, is one of the upgrades that we are likely to see this fall, and unless a lot of credible sources are wrong, this new generation iPod Nano will feature a larger screen and a camera, as suggested in the below artists rendition of the device already posted by iLounge.

iPod Nano 5g artists rendition - iLounge

The wider screen moving from 1.33:1 ratio to 1.5:1 ration brings it closer to true widescreen format, avoiding most of the blackbar issues when watching widescreen format videos on the device. The bigger screen results in the clickwheel, and yes, it will still feature a clickwheel and not go fully touchscreen, to be smaller in diameter and moved further down on the device.

On the back we can see the camera, which according to the latest rumors will feature the same resolution as the 3.2 megapixel version on the new iPhone 3GS. There are mixed feedback online to the 5th gen iPod Nano featuring a camera, especially if it does not feature WiFi compatibility as well. But again, we have seen comment like that regarding new features on iPod’s and other products before, but when it is actually launched people rave about it, so we will have to wait and see of bringing a camera to the iPod Nano 5G will be a success or failure.

As for memory upgrade, is there a need for an upgrade to 32gb for the iPod Nano 5G or is 16gb enough? We are asking the question if the new iPod Nano actually need more memory, or would those that require more memory actually buy an iPod Touch instead? Take our survey and let us know what you think.


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  1. George Urrrghhh says:

    looking forward to the new nano. Love the touch, but need something light to run with that fits in my pocket. Needs a space upgrade – 32gb will satisy. Hopefully the rumors are true and the 2.5″ screen is announced!

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