What Apple should do with the iPod Classic

The Apple iPod Classic has already earned its spot on the gadget hall of fame for revolutionizing the way we liste to music, and as the 9th September annual iPod event is only days away the question everyone is asking themselves is; what will Apple do with the iPod Classic?

The rumour camp is very much divided when it comes to what is waiting around the corner for the iPod Classic. Some are talking about Apple bringing camera to the iPod Classic and the iPod Nano, while others argue that Apple will actually announce the retirement of the iPod Classic this coming Wednesday. There are strong arguments for both camps, so we have had a look at what could happen.

Why Apple should retire the iPod Classic

The sales of the the iPod Classic has been falling, taken over by the “fun” iPod Touch and the iPhone. The iPod Classic has always been about music, and then with the addition of videos, but the music was always the focus, allowing you the space you need to fit your entire music collection, or at least most of it. As the iPod Touch keeps increasing its memory, with the 3rd generation iPod Touch expected to come with 64gb memory, more and more music lovers have been given additional functionality through internet access and lots of fun games and applications through the iTunes App Store, and all on a larger touchscreen. The iPod Touch has gradually been “facing out” the iPod Classic, and perhaps now is the time to take that final step.

The other story that could indicate the doom for the iPod Classic is that both Samsung and Toshiba has struggled with the sales of their new 1.8 inch hard drives, the iPod Classic is the only iPod left that still uses HDD as its the only way at the moment to provide enough memory, but the flash drives are catching up, and that is when the iPod Touch will finally take over for the iPod Classic completely.

Why the retirement will have to wait

Although the arguments for Apple to retire the iPod Classic  are strong, there are reasons why we do not think it will happen just yet. There are still people out there that truly enjoy the originial classic iPod with its legendary clickwheel and revolutionary design, and there are still those of us out there that have music libraries that go beyond 64gb and that still likes to keep all of the music with us, just to have enough choices to listen to.

As we put our money on Apple keeping the iPod Classic around for another year, we don’t believe that we will see any significant upgrades to this iPod model as Apple’s focus is towards the future, and that future is the iPod Touch and the iPhone, with the iPod Nano picking up the leftovers, for now.

An interesting thought is that by indicating that the iPod Classic is moving towards retirement, Apple can possibly be able to milk as much out of the last breaths of the iPod Classic as possible. That is why i will not bet on any price drop for the iPod Classic either, as it becomes a true “classic” the price might hold up as demand for a limited product keeps up.

We will all get our answer in just a few days as Apple holds their annual iPod event Wednesday 9th September. In the meantime, let us know what you think in our latest iPod Classic Poll:



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