WESC Headphones and Gilty couture iPod bezel

Are you looking to pimp your iPod Sex and the City style? Then you can now do that without having to max out your credit card with the Gilty Couture bezels and the WESC Headphones.

Gilty Couture - Slider Case 14k Gold Plated For iPod 2nd Gen Nano - Clear Stones Lets start with the bling, the Gilty Couture bezel range for iPod touch, nano and shuffle. These come in silver or gold with different color stones (clear or pink). This is the ultimate accessory for the ones that like to stand out, not to mention, likes their iPod to stand out. Prices on these from Amazon UK ranges from around £110 for the gold plated with clear stones for the iPod Nano, to the £40 silver with clear stones bezel for the iPod Shuffle. In the case of both the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle these accessories cost as much as the player itself.

WESC Headphones - Bongo (Limelight)With a pimped out iPod bezel you will also need some flashy and trendy iPod headphones, like the WESC headphone range now available at Amazon UK at a price range from £40 to £70. Now these headphones are proper headphones, and not the types that you wear to the gym, at least not if you aim to have a good workout. But they are perfect for styling on the streets, and the sound is of good quality as well.

You can see the whole range of Gilty Couture bezels and WESC headphones right here…


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2 Responses to "WESC Headphones and Gilty couture iPod bezel"

  1. HarryB says:

    I just bought some WeSC headphones from a skater store near where I live. They look and sound incredibly cool.

    I bought a pair of Skullcandy Icon headphones six months ago and they are already broken. I read somewhere that the internals of WeSC headphones are either Pioneer or Sennheiser, so the quality is good.

  2. Emma says:

    I bought some WeSC headphones from Karmaloop about a month ago and they broke about 2 weeks after I had them, but my lazy ass decided to put off returning them, and now it’s too late. Damn it! Do any of you know if WeSC has a one year policy??

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