Welcome Skype to the iPod Touch with Fring

Good news for everyone that has been waiting on news about Skype being available on the new 2nd generation iPod Touch and the iPhone – Fring to the rescue with the first VOiP application supporting Skype calls.

Fring - VOiP application with Skype compatibilityIt has only been 4 days since my new 2nd generation iPod Touch came through in the mail and i have been testing all kinds of applications over the last few days, but the one i was looking for was the application that would allow me to use Skype. To take advantage of the calling opportunity of the iPod Touch i ordered a pair of iPhone headphones with the built in mic that arrived yesterday, and then right after i came across the news about Fring. 5 minutes later i was making my first successful Skype Out call with Fring.

You no longer need to jailbreak your iPod Touch to get Fring as it is now available to download for free through the Apple Application Store. Fring will allow you to make Skype calls as long as you are connected through a WiFi connection, while you will only be able to use it for sending messages if you are using the iPhone 3G internet connection.

Will definately be taking advantage of Fring while on holiday in Paris next weekend!

Update March 09: After successfully using Fring for Skype on my iPod Touch, i am now in the process of testing some of its competitors as well, including the new Nimbuzz VOiP application that claims to bridge the 3G VOiP gap through its services. You can find out more about the Nimbuzz VOiP application for iPod Touch and iPhone here.

Update March 31st: Offical Skype App for iPhone and iPod Touch has launched on iTunes App Store.

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23 Responses to "Welcome Skype to the iPod Touch with Fring"

  1. Bethany says:

    Thanks for the info! Did you need a special headset? I’ve heard some say that it needs the kind that connects to the dock port instead of the headphone jack.

    Thanks again!

  2. admin says:

    It works with the headset that comes with the iPhone that has the built in mic in the wire. This headset should now also be available to buy on its own. Suggest you look for ‘Apple headset with mic’

  3. morgan says:

    Hi, I already have the Fring application and I have made a successful call, but I do not have the headset yet. I have no idea what headset I need to get and I need to know soon! So if you could email me and let me know what kind you bought that would be great! Thank you so much!

  4. admin says:

    I got the headset that Apple has for the iPone that uses the normal ipod jack and has a small microphone on the wire. These earbuds should now be available through Apple retailers. Do a search on Google for ‘Apple earphones with mic’ and you should find them.

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  6. murrayj says:

    Hi – just looked on the Apple Store and it doesn’t look like they are shipping the earphones with mic yet (2 versions – standard earphoes with mic $29 ; in-ear headphones with mic $79).. wondered where you’ve got yours from??!

  7. admin says:

    I bought mine from Amazon UK and according to the product information it was actually the earphones for the iPhone.

  8. adunn says:

    I read there was a 1-2 second delay in voice transactions when using Fring. Did you find this to be the case?

  9. admin says:

    When i have had a good qulity WiFi connection i have found the quality of the conversions to be very satisfactory and can’t say that i have experienced that delay.

  10. Your writing style got me hooked please expand more on Skype to the iPod Touch with Fring | VOiP for iPod Touch | iPod Republic

  11. Jonathan says:

    Have you tried to receive a SkypeIn (OnlineSkype) or receive requests to voice chat? If so can you adjust the ringer and such?

  12. Dave says:

    In case anyone wants an alternative to the Apple headsets for this, there are also a few adapter cables available from Griffin, Monster, Phillips etc. that include the microphone.

    My son has the $20. (U.S.) Griffin cable set which consists of a 4-conductor input jack, a mic, and a control button. Your regular headphones plug into this cable, so you wind up with the equivalent of the Apple headset with mic. The idea is that you can use your own favorite headphones.

    But earlier today I stopped at a Target and purchased a Phillips brand adapter cable that does the same thing and it’s only $10. It was designed for the iPhone before the Touch 2G came out, so the package only mentions the iPhone… but it works well on my Touch, and it’s very good quality. Once again, I just plugged my regular headphones into this adapter cable, and now I can use the clip-on mic and control button with Griffin iTalk (for memos) or for Fring. The control button also lets you pause, rewind or fast-forward your songs, just like the Apple headset.

    Here’s the Target page with info:

  13. Bjorn says:

    Ipod touch, Monster ISoniTalk and Fring! Bye,Bye All mobile carriers!

    ISoniTalk mic adapter and Ipod touch work brilliantly together with Fring and you can call Skypeout!

    Provided you have a Skype account, you can talk for free Skype to Skype, cheaply to landlines all over the world and not so cheaply to mobiles…

    Great to be able to use your own nice earphones and you don’t have to shell out for the whole mic/earphone combo.

    Funny that Monster haven’t mention/marketed that they work with Ipod touch though…

    Great set up and I love the fact when traveling/on the move you only need to find a hot spot and you are able to tell mum you are safe back from adventures…

    All the best!


  14. Husayn says:

    Hi, I like the service I get with Fring, but I really do not like the face logo. Please change it to something that is not mascot-like. A picture of a phone or a globe would be better.

  15. Phreak says:

    Husayn… are u kidding me? You actually have the gull to complain about a app’s icon?

  16. Ivy says:

    I have a question. What’s the point of using fring if one has already the skype application installed? i don’t understand. What is the main difference between the two? Is there a better sound quality or what? this fring thing seems to be sort of confusing. Can somebody explain please?

  17. admin says:

    Well, Fring was one of the first applications that allowed you to use Skype on the iPhone and iPod Touch, way before Skype released the official application.

    You will also find that Fring covers other messaging services than just Skype, therefore allowing you to communicate with friends and colleagues across multiple platforms from this one application.

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