Weekend round-up of iPhone 5 rumors, including 21st October release date and screen size

Can’t believe it is Monday again already, but at least we are one day closer to an iPhone 5 release date, and it is not like the rumor mill has been keeping quiet over the weekend.

‘Apple fixture installation’ at Best Buy points to 21st October launch

Heading into the weekend This is my next got tipped off about an upcoming mysterious ‘Apple fixture installation’ at a Best Buy location on the 21st October, fueling further speculations around this being the launch date for the iPhone 5, at least with Best Buy.

Best Buy Apple fixture installation (source: Thisismynext.com)

It does actually fit in quite well with earlier rumors that iPhone 5 will arrive in mid-october, although most earlier speculations were leaning towards the first half of the month. For all we know it could also be that the iPhone 5 will arrive a few days earlier, and that Best Buy will have to wait a few days.

With Best Buy being the source of the weekend, more leaked documents from the retailer picked up by BGR hints at pre-orders for the iPhone 5 possibly starting first week of October, which has later been corrected to possibly the coming weeks with shipments starting in early October. The same documents also hints at the iPhone 5 becoming available to Sprint customers at launch.

Fun fact! If you search on Google for 10212011 (the suggested iPhone 5 release date) you will find that it is the new doomsday prediction from Harold Camping. Perhaps he has misread it once more, and it is the actual doomsday for smartphone competitors.

New iPhone 5 case leak suggests at least 4-inch display

Besides the launch date, few features have fueled as much speculation around the iPhone 5 as the screen size. Only about a week ago sources inside the Apple supply chain suggested that the screen size of the iPhone 5 would be sub-4-inches, but more recent case leaks suggest 4-inch or above.

MacRumors got their hands on a publicly available case that is said to fit the iPhone 5, noticing that it is both wider and thinner than the current iPhone 4 (see image below). If, and that is a big if, this case represents the true measurements of the iPhone 5 then we are likely looking at a device that is both taller, wider, and thinner than the current model, and that very likely features a screen that is at least 4-inches.

Possible iPhone 5 case hints at larger screen (source: Macrumors)

All we can do now is to wait and see, unless that allegedly lost iPhone 5 prototype from the bar in the San Francisco area surfaces somewhere online.


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