Last week in the iPod and iPhone world

Life is never dull in the world of high tech gadgets and mobile solutions where Apple and their iPod’s and iPhone operate, and the week that has passed has been no different, although there has not necessarily been any major news stories surrounding new products.

In the week that has passed there has been a few news stories and rumours surrounding the iPhone and what the next generation iPhone 4G could look like and feature. There has been some iPhone 4G concepts floating around the internet, and there has been rumoured leaked photos of a matte finished iPhone upgrade, that in our opinion brings little new to the discussion, and reveals very little in terms of what the features might be.

As for features of the next generation iPhone, the rumours have increased regarding video conferencing functionality through a forward facing camera. It is no secret that this is an area that Apple would love to bring to the iPhone, perhaps in conjunction with developments of their iChat functionality. This would open up new possibilities on the iPhone and make it even more interesting for business users as well, combined with the news that Google spreadsheets are now editable on the iPhone, as well as Google calendar syncing with the iPhone.

As for the popularity of the iPhone, news are now out from AdMob that the iPhone and the iPod Touch owns 51% of mobile web ad serving, with the iPod Touch being the fastest grower, building on the popularity of the top model of the iPod.

To round off the news around the iPhone, Apple is being sued for the screen rendering technology that sits behind the iPhone and the iPod Touch. A company called Picsel Technology has chosen to take Apple to court claiming that the technology used on the iPhone and iPod Touch is patent protected by themselves. The technology we are taking about is what accelerates the process of updating the screen. We will come back with more news around this as and when there is an update.

Following last weekends problems with unfreezing and restoring the iPod Touch we are happy to report that it is once again working fine and without any aftershocks. We hope that the little guide for restoring and unfreezing the iPod Touch 2G has been helpful to anyone else that has experience the same problem.

The iTunes App Store has also reached a new milestone in the last week with over 20,000 applications now available to download and use on your iPhone and iPod Touch. In the last week we have downloaded and tested a few new applications, including the Pass the Bomb free app, a nice little drinking game accessory perhaps from iPhone app developers here in the UK. We have also changed Twitter app for the iPod Touch and started using Tweetie which we have found to be very good. So you can now follow us on Twitter as well and get automatic updates to any news around the iPhone and iPod.

It is not that often that there are anything significant to report around the iPod Classic, but we can report that an iPod repair company in the US can now upgrade the iPod Video 5th gen from 120gb disk space to a massive 240gb for those of you with massive music libaries.

That rounds off the week in our world of iPod’s and iPhones, although we are sure there will be plenty of news to report on during the coming week, including reviews of new iPod speakers and other iPod accessories.


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