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Like Apple says in the ads; “there is an app for that” there now is an app that will allow you to stream live football (soccer for our US readers) directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch using the newly released Five iPhone App from the UK tv network Five.

Now for those of you that have been crossing your fingers to be able to watch top Premiership matches featuring households names such as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool, we have to disappoint you as they only have the right to stream UEFA Europe League matches.

What could easily have become one of the most popular apps in the UK if it covered Premiership and Champions League matches, is still a decent app, especially for those supporting football clubs such as Fulham, Celtic, and Everton finding themselves out an about, away from the television on match days.The Five iPhone App will stream live matches as aired by the tv channel as well as highlights from other matches in the UEFA Europe League.

The good thing is that this app will also work using the iPhone 3G network, so you don’t have to be in a Wi-Fi zone to be able to watch the live football stream.

The Five iPhone App is available to download through iTunes App Store for £3.99 today.


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