Vote and win in future UK elections

In future UK local elections you might get bribed with opportunities to win Apple iPod, televisions and supermarket vouchers according to an article with TimesOnline.

This is a response from officials after a series of dismall turnouts for local elections, which also will include initiatives forcing town halls to response to petitions.

It is a sad sign for our communities when we have to be bribed with free prize draws to be interested in creating change in policies and politics. At the same time it should be a strong warning signal to officials that are clearly completely out of tune with their customers, which seem disinterested in politics, perhaps because they feel that whatever they do won’t really change anything anyway.

Think the politicians need to come up with something a bit more revolutionary than bribing us with a new iPod, although it could potentially get a few more people to vote. But would they make an informed choice or just vote for the chance to win?

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