Vopium with double minutes offer package – app for iPhone and Android

Update 21st August 2009

Our Danish friends at Vopium just told us about this offer they are currently running giving double minutes on some of their packages. Here is what they had to say:

“Vopium new offer is now in place, “Reach out Package” gives 2000 minutes instead of 1000 minutes in same old price of 12.95 Euros. This free of charge top-up of 1000 minutes means you can talk more in 49 popular countries. This exciting Double Minutes Offer is also valid for Call India, Call Pakistan and Call Turkey Packages. With this compelling offer, you will get 2×400 minutes for the same price for India, 2×250 minutes for the same price for Pakistan and 2×500 minutes for Turkey. This offer is time limited and valid till 23rd of September. So gear up and don’t miss this awesome chance of big time saving. Vopium allows making low cost international calls and enables FREE international calls in Wi-Fi hotspots. With Vopium, you can also send cheap international SMS and top-up directly from your phone. Take full advantage of this amazing offer and celebrate vanishing summers with joy. Tell the world you’re more talkative than ever.”

Earlier updates

Since last time we wrote about Vopium and their cheaper international calls service they have finished their iPhone application which is now available to download at the iTunes App Store for free. Just a few days after that agian we received a heads up from the people at Vopium that they had also finished and launched the Vopium application for Android phones, such as the G1 and HTC Magic. The Vopium app is now available to download from the Android Market on your Google Android phone. When you download and register your the Vopium application you also get 30 minutes of free calls + 30 sms messages to get started.

Once the Vopium application is downloaded to the iPhone or your Android phone, it is tightly integrated with the user’s address book. When an international number is dialed, the call is made using the cheapest method vailable while preserving the highest call quality. When using Wi-Fi, Vopium iPhone or Android users can call ther Vopium Wi-Fi users for free, regardless of the brand/model of their device.

Vopium is the winner of the Frost & Sullivan 2009 European Mobile VoIP Technology Innovation Award.

Here is what we earlier wrote about Vopium and their cheaper international calls service:

The Danish mobile tech start up Vopium had a vision of making mobile communication globally free, and with their current mobile technology they have taken steps towards making that vision a reality, picking up the competition with other VOiP competitors in the marketplace providing cheaper mobile calls for users around the world.

According to their own website their Vopium mobile service will allow you to save up to 90% on your international calls and SMS, without changing mobile operator or SIM card on your phone. You only pay your mobile operator for a local call, and then a small charge to Vopium for the international call, unless you are using Vopium WIFI in which case you could be getting the call for free and avoid roaming charges.

At the moment Vopium is available in 18 countries as further expansion is planned to provide premium call quality at much reduced costs covering over 180 international destinations.

The Vopium solution and software is compatible with over 500 mobile phones in the market, including mobiles on platforms such as RIM, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and iPhone, for which they are in the process of getting an application approved by Apple, and another one for use with the iPod Touch under development. There is more information on their website about which phones it is compatible with.

Some of the additional services you get when signing up includes 30 minutes free calls and 100 free SMS, but it also gives you access to mobile backup – a free service that allows you to store your contacts and calendars online called Vopium Sync.

You can find more information about downloading the Vopium application and start making cheaper international calls from their website here.

For information about other VOiP applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, you might also want to check out the brand new Skype Application, as well as other cross service applications such as Fring and Truphone.


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