VOIX portable iPod docking station with FM radio and Dual Alarm

The portable iPod and iPhone speaker dock market is a very crowded one, and the VOIX docking station with FM Radio and Dual Alarm is one of them, without really standing out from the crowd design wise, but with a decent sound for its size and price.

VOIX iPod speaker dock with FM radio

Design and Features

Unlike many other iPod docking stations in this price class they seem to have used quality material as the unit feels compact and like it can take a knock or two. Design wise it looks similar to many other docking stations and its size is small enough to use in an office / dorm room / or perhaps kitchen or bedside table if you have a decent sized one.

The dock itself sits on a shelf at the bottom of the unit that can be hidden by pushing it in, a good feature if you tend to carry it with you to avoid damage to the docking port itself.

Wall mounting is also an option with this unit, although i can’t quite see the use of wall mounting such a small unit that fits much better on a desk.

The display sits at the top part of the unit and displays the time, the source you are listening to (such as iPod) and a few bars that move with the sound. At the top you will also find on/off button, volume controls, an equalizer button that you can use to shift between pre-set settings (Class, Jazz, Pop, Rock, bass). There is also a mode button that can be used to shift between iPod, FM, and Aux in.

Sound experience

At normal levels the sound is quite good for its price class, although a bit on the flat side for my preference, a common situation for many of the lower priced portable iPod speaker docks.  This VOIX portable speaker dock does seem to have a bit more bass than many of its competitors. When you start cranking up the volume to higher levels i found the sound to start becoming a bit more scratchy.

Output power according to spesification is 7W x 2 with a frequency range of 50Hz – 20KHz.

You will be able to dock your iPhone with this unit as well to play music and charge it, but it is recommended to set your iPhone to flight mode first to avoid interference. You can read more about interference free iPhone speakers here.


To be a true portable speaker dock one could argue that the system would have to be able to operate on battery power, which this VOIX speaker dock does not, but otherwise it is a nice little iPod speaker dock.

Price information

The VOIX portable iPod speaker dock is available in the UK from amongst other the following retailers:

Technical spesifications

  • Remote control
  • Wall mount option
  • Stereo Radio FM/AM with Auto PLL tuning and 20 pre-store memory channels
  • Alarm with timer and snooze
  • Built in equalizer with 5 settings (Rock – Pop – Jazz – Bass – Classic)
  • Retractable docking unit
  • Aux in
  • LCD display
  • Built in High Quality SPK
  • Output power 7W x 2
  • Frequency range: 50Hz – 20KHz


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