Vodafone preparing for the iPhone with UK iPhone portal

Popular UK mobile operator Vodafone has launched an iPhone dedicated portal for the UK, further fueling rumors that the exclusive deal between Apple and O2 for the iPhone 3G might be coming to an end, and that either another mobile operator, or a free market model will be used for the coming iPhone 4G/iPhone Pro/3rd generation iPhone.

We might be reading too much into the many news and rumors around the coming generation iPhone and its availability, as Vodafone launching an iPhone portal with news and features from the likes of the BBC, Sky News, and Top Gear, could be just Vodafone trying to take advantage of a new channel to earn money off advertising. The reason why this might have a bit more legs on it then that is that there are other rumors about Apple perhaps looking for either a different partner for their next generation iPhone, or even make it available to all mobile network operators, as they amongst others were forced to do in France. Since then we have also seen the Nordic market offering the iPhone through more than one operator.

With the expected summer launch of the new generation iPhone, also referred to as iPhone 3G Pro or iPhone 4G, it would be great if we could see some true competiton in the UK market for the iPhone, which in the long term is in the best interest of both the consumer, and for Apple as well as they can futher increase their market penetration to make money off the application store and future iPhone upgrades.

The new Vodafone iPhone portal will allow any user to personalize their page by dragging and dropping widgets around, and then save the results to view on the iPhone.


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