Vodafone iPhone 4 UK prices leaked here

Today is the day when it is expected that the UK networks will announce their iPhone 4 prices, and it looks like Vodafone is first out based on leaked price information from a page that was temporarily avaialble on their website.

There is no guarantee that these will be Vodafone’s final prices for the iPhone 4 as they have not confirmed them yet, but given the similarity to last years iPhone 3GS prices and speculations from various sources, they should not be far off at least. Unfortunately it looks like the iPhone 4 will be an expensive investment no matter how you try and get your hands on one. Below are some screenshots of Vodafone iPhone 4 UK prices based on a 16GB iPhone 4 on 18 month and 24 month contracts.

Vodafone leaked price for 16gb iPhone 4 on 24 month contract

Vodafone leaked price for 16gb iPhone 4 on 18 month contract

If we use the example of the 16gb iPhone 4 on a £35 a month contract over 18 months you will have to pay £149 for the iPhone 4. Although you will get lots more minutes if you go to a £45 a month contract (900 vs 300), you will only pay £90 less for the iPhone 4, which is only 9 months of the contract difference. Other aspects of the contract is very similar, including the 1gb data allowance a month over 3G.

What this shows us is that it is definitely worth thinking carefully about your call minutes etc needs before deciding which plan to go for, as you can easily end up paying over the top just to get the handset for free.

Early upgrade iPhone 4 customers will also have to consider the cost of getting out of their current contract early, which so far has only been announced by O2.

If you own an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G it is also worth taking a look at some of the iPhone 3G/3GS recycling schemes out there as it could help you offset the cost of your new iPhone 4.

What is very dissappointing from all UK networks is that it has taken so long to announce the iPhone 4 prices and tariffs, leading many to speculate if they are actually talking to each other and agreeing on price points to share the market, which from a consumer standpoint will be our worst nightmare, and should be illegal.

Tomorrow 15th June iPhone 4 pre-order is supposed to start for most networks, and we fully agree with all who over the last few days and hours have aired their frustration on Twitter over the lateness of pricing information from the networks. In my book this is definitely not treating customers fairly and should be a great case study anyone studying consumer rights and market dynamics.

We will keep you updated with all the latest iPhone 4 pricing information, and once confirmed information is available we will update our iPhone 4 UK buyers guide.


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One Response to "Vodafone iPhone 4 UK prices leaked here"

  1. DD says:

    O2 were offering 300 mins, Ultd texts and data for £15/mo on Sim-Only – now down to 500MB data.

    Since the basic phone is £499 you may as well go for Voda’s 24-month deal and pay an extra £360 (£15 x 24mo). Add that to the £149 for the phone and you get a decent package for £509 over the SIM-Only price, compared to £499 for buying the phone outright.

    Unless O2 come back with a killer deal, I know where I’m going.

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