Ruark Audio R4i Review: Powerful all-in-one iPod DAB radio dock


In its latest build Ruark Audio (formerly Vita Audio) has provided us with an all-in-one system that combines the classic iPod docking station with DAB radio, CD slot, and an impressive 80 watts nominal power output – meet the Ruark Audio R4.

Vita Audio R4 speaker dock


The Ruark Audio R4 stands out from many of the other micro-systems and compact systems in the market that offers the same spectrum of music sources with a much classier design. With a stylish exterior that is available in either a glossy white finish or as per the above picture, in a walnut veneer, giving it a slightly retro look, the Ruark Audio R4 will look a lot better on your bookshelf or stereo unit than most other compact all-in-one systems.

Inside the classy exterior you find that Ruark has been able to pack an impressive package of components, as it houses a Class A-B amp that provides a total of 80W to the two speakers and the downward facing subwoofer.

At the top you will find the docking station itself, as well as a rotodial control unit that can also be detached and used as a remote control for the unit.


As mentioned, the Ruark Audio R4 comes with iPod docking station, DAB and FM radio, CD slot (at the front), two anxillary inputs, and a USB port, giving you a range of options of music sources.

From the sound produced we can also tell that they have used quality components as there is a nice warmth to the bass and a clarity to the overall sound, providing a nice balanced sound picture. Some have reported that it does not handle hard rock quite as well, and compared to some other more conventional systems we can agree with that. However for its class we very much doubt that you will be disappointed with the quality of the sound produced by the Ruark Audio R4.

Price information

The Ruark Audio R4 is available from amongst other these UK retailers:


If you are after a stylish all-in-one audio system and iPod DAB radio dock that does not take up too much space but looks high class and provides you with quality sound you can do much worse than with the Ruark Audio R4 iPod DAB dock.

The Ruark Audio R4 does not come cheap though, as at the moment you will have to pay about £549 from Amazon UK for this unit, which brings the overall score down slightly.

Features summary

  • 80 watts nominal power output amp
  • Integrated active subwoofer
  • CD slots playing CD-audio, MP3 and WMA
  • USB port
  • DAB, DAB+ and FM tuner with RDS
  • Universal iPod dock supporting all iPod models produced from 2004 onwards. Supports iPhone but no GSM shielding so recommended to use in flight mode
  • Rotodial remote control
  • 2 auxiliary inputs
  • 3D enhanced stereo sound
  • Selectable tone setting
  • Stereo headphone output
  • Clock and alarm functions
  • Dimensions: H145mm x W450mm x D255mm
  • Weight: 8kg


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