Signs of video chat coming to Apple iPhone and iPad

A forward facing camera for the Apple iPhone has long been asked for but is yet to be confirmed, but some recent findings in the iPhone 3.2 SDK could indicate that Apple is preparing their devices, including the iPhone 4G and the Apple iPad for a future of video chatting capabilities.

Video chatting has especially been a weak point for Apple in their attempts to penetrate the high-tech mobile market in Asia, but with the findings in the new iPhone 3.2 SDK that was announced around the same time as the Apple iPad shows signs that Apple is preparing to deliver video chatting in coming devices running the iPhone firmware.

Video Calling might come to iPhone

The above icons found in the iPhone 3.2 SDK is a clear indication that video calling is likely in future iPhone/iPod/iPad models, and further supporting these findings are information strings found deeper in some of the iPad telephony apps showing references to both VideoChat and iChat.

These findings could well be an indication that video calling could be made available in the expected iPhone 4G later on this year. As for the Apple iPad, there is no indication that the device will feature any camera at launch, although some reports indicate that there is space made available for a camera, so it could be similar to what we saw with the launch of the 3rd generation iPod Touch, where the much expected camera functionality got left out in the last days before release. However it would surprise all of us if Apple would not bring video calling and video chat capabilities to their latest device, and perhaps even to the 4th generation iPod Touch 4G, although that might be a stretch.

We will come back with more information about video calling for iPhone and iPad as rumors gets more confirmed.


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