Vestalife Ladybug II speaker dock

When it comes to budget iPod speaker docks, few have found a concept as good as Vestalife with their bug-style speaker docks for the iPod and iPhone, including this one; the Vestalife Ladybug II with improved features and performance.

Vestalife Ladybug II iPod speaker dockDesign, features & sound

Shaped like a ball when folded, the Vestalife Ladybug II unfolds its wings to let Apple in, showing off the docking station and releasing the sound, which is actually pretty good for a budget speaker dock.

It is however in its design that the Ladybug II really stands out and strikes a chord with Apple owners out there (probably especially with the younger generation). It is funny how the animal kingdom has such success in the iPod and iPhone accessory market.

When folded up the unit measures about 6.5-inch wide with the drivers forming what looks like eyes. Once you fold the wings out the unit is roughly 16-inches wide. The unit comes with 5 dock adapters so is compatible with most iPods and iPhones, and now also features GSM shielding so no need to put your iPhone in flight mode before docking it with the Ladybug.

You can either run the Ladybug II of the included wall adapter, or you can purchase four AA batteries and make the unit portable (no rechargeable battery included), a plus as the size of the unit makes it portable as well. The Ladybug also includes ports for aux-in, video out, and USB connection.

In the sound department the Ladybug II performs well for its price class, but don’t expect mind-blowing sound and volume, especially in the bass department where it especially at the higher end of the volume range can become a big distorted. This is very much a fun speaker dock, perhaps for the kids room, or your student dorm, unless you are very discerning when it comes to sound performance.

The Vestalife Ladybug II is available in 3 color combinations; black chrome with soft touch silver, black, or red.

Price information

The Vestalife Ladybug II is available in the UK from amongst other the following retailers:

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