Verizon iPhone to come early? Expected on 01.11.11

The news that Verizon is planning a big event for Tuesday 11th January where it is expected that they will be announcing the iPhone on their network has overshadowed all the great news coming out of CES 2011 – the long awaited Verizon iPhone might be only days away.

Ever since the iPhone first became a popular phone it has been speculated by every news source and blog about when Apple would end the AT&T exclusivity in the US and bring an iPhone model that is Verizon compatible. Here in Europe we have seen most of the exclusive national deals ending in the last year or so, and now it finally looks like Apple and Verizon has been able to deliver the iPhone on the largest network in the US.

WSJ picked up the story and has referred to sources close to the situation that following Tuesdays Verizon announcement, the iPhone will be made available to consumers on the network towards the end of January.

It is also expected that the Verizon iPhone will be almost identical to the iPhone 4 except for housing the carriers CDMA technology. Some leaked photos on CultofMac showing what is expected to be components of the next generation iPhone 5 could also in fact be components of the Verizon iPhone. The pictures show amongst other changes to the antenna issue that followed the iPhone 4, but not many other changes, leading us to believe it might be a fix they have implemented for the Verizon iPhone.

Possible images of Verizon iPhone?

To counteract the announcement of the Verizon iPhone it looks like AT&T will be lowering the prices on the iPhone on their network as it is expected that the competition from Verizon could hit them hard.

We will be back on Tuesday with more information following the Verizon event.


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