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I have to admit that it has been a long time since i dreamt of being a drummer and that i probably would not have downloaded the vDrummer application unless i was convinced by someone that knows the developers. Now that i have downloaded it and played around with the vDrummer i find it strangely addictive and fun, and i’m not even very good at it!

So far the vDrummer app has received good reviews in the iTunes App Store with some describing it as “the best drum app so far”. Visually the vDrummer app looks really good, and it comes with 3 different drum kits that allows you to find your own unique sound. Some of the other features of the vDrummer app are:

  • 16-bit uncompressed real drum samples
  • The interface is really stylish and makes it really easy to start playing
  • Application allows you to drum along to your favourite songs on your iPod
  • Low lag to allow for fast beats with no delay
  • Dual zone ride cymbal allows you to play the cymbal and the bell just like a real kit
  • Realistic hi-hat response

vDrummer application for iPhone and iPod TouchTo play along with your favourite music is easy, all you have to do is start the song you wish to play along with, then open the application and start playing along. Please note that volume of the drums is out of your control when playing along to your music.

If you are struggling to get started with your drummer career then you might want to take advantage of some of the video podcast tutorials that the developers offer at v-drummer.com

I am still not convinced that the iPod Touch or the iPhone is good for drumming, but for £1.19 this application can give you a lot of fun learning to drum and play along with your favourite songs on your iPod Touch or iPhone.


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