iPod Touch could get upgrade for Christmas – Spring 2010 more likely

With only weeks until Christmas and in the middle of the busiest shopping season, MacObserver is hinting at rumors that Apple might release an upgraded iPod Touch just in time for Christmas. Could this be an indication that their September upgraded 3rd generation iPod Touch has not delivered to expectations?

With only months passed since the release of the upgraded 3rd gen iPod Touch one has to ask the question if the latest rumors are in response to a slowdown in sales for the device, especially considering that the launch received lukewarm at best reception since it did not include the integrated camera, which was the hottest rumor leading up the event. Information later surfaced that the 3rd gen iPod Touch did not receive a camera because they ran into some technical difficulties prior to the release so had to pull the camera from the original release.

Although the recently released 3rd gen iPod Touch included an upgrade to 64gb memory, and improvements to processor and speed for a better gaming experience, our poll revealed that a lot of people who were considering buying the new iPod Touch were disappointed with the lack of iPod Touch camera.

If these latest rumors have any meat on their bones it could create a world of problems for Apple leading up to Christmas, which again is probably an argument against an upgrade this time of the year. First of all, a lot of people are probably already well into their gift shopping and might have purchased the current 3rd gen iPod Touch already, so an upgrade from Apple now could led to mass return of the current device and complaints from customers who have bought the new one earlier and are not eligible for returning that device for the upgraded one with a camera. It would also break with normal patterns in product releases from Apple, although that is to be expected if they are dealing with a slowdown in sales for the iPod Touch.

Since these initial rumors first surfaced, new rumors have been circulating blogs and news-sites predicting that the camera will come to the 3rd gen iPod Touch sometime during spring 2010, which would actually make more sense in terms of upgrade launches, although i still believe it will lead to a lot of potential angry Christmas customers. Would you be happy with Apple releasing a camera upgrade in early 2010 if you get the current 3rd gen iPod Touch for Christmas?

Should the rumors be true, and Apple releases an upgraded iPod Touch with camera before Christmas, i doubt they will do it across all models of the iPod Touch, but rather do it for one of the top models (32gb or 64gb) at a premium price. This could potentially make sense in terms of driving up average sales price and leveraging the interest in the marketplace for the iPod Touch with a camera.

For now we just have to treat it as a rumor and wait to see what comes out of Cupertino in the coming weeks. In the meantime you might want to check out our best price iPod Touch table for the UK for the current 3rd generation iPod Touch.


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6 Responses to "iPod Touch could get upgrade for Christmas – Spring 2010 more likely"

  1. Swede says:

    I am waiting for an IPod touch with 2 cameras. One above the screen to use with SKYPE and one on the short side to take photos “Hasselblad-way”.

  2. Shelley says:


    I second that request. A camera for Skype and for photos would be awesome.

  3. 0verLord says:

    Well. I think you guys are going to wait for a looooooong loooong time…. It took apple all these years to get a cam into an iTouch, and it’s not sure they WILL put the cam in there in the first place. Good luck waiting for the second camera for SKype lool

  4. Just want to say what a fantastic blog you got here! I’ve been around for quite plenty of time, but now decided to show my appreciation of your work! Well done, and all the best!

  5. cristina says:

    okay so if wat they saying about the two cameras is true thts gunna be just perffect i recenetly broke my ipod touch screen it fell n cracked i was goin to get the itouch 3rd genaration but im so waitin for this onee its gunna be worth the waitt! ‘cmon apple dnt let me downnnn 1

  6. anonymous says:

    i believe that apple will not put the cameras because, apple designed the itouch to be a gaming device. if the itouch turns out with double cameras, that will put out the point of having a gaming device. i do also believe that only: raising the gb, faster internet, multitasking, and longer battery rate would most likely be the itouch g4.

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