Upgrade to iPad 2 by recycling your old iPad – tips ahead of iPad 2 release

With the highly expected  live announcement of the Apple iPad 2 taking place on 2nd March there are many people out there who have bought the original Apple iPad that is wondering how they can afford to upgrade.

Although no-one really knows what the features of the iPad 2 will be and how big an upgrade we are looking at, we are sure that many current iPad owners will still want to get their hands on the latest model from Apple. Unless they are looking to be charitable and hand down their old iPad to a friend or family member, these are some of the options in terms of part funding the new iPad 2 from the original iPad:

Sell iPad on Ebay or similar markets

Selling your old iPad on Ebay is perhaps what will get you the best price, although it can sometimes be a bit tricky to make sure you get the best price and find the right buyer, as there are quite a lot of professional sellers on Ebay, and also a lot of less than serious buyers!

At the moment a mint condition used 32GB Apple iPad Wi-Fi has a buy now price on Ebay UK at around £400, but this is likely to come down as soon as the new iPad 2 comes on the market.

Recycle your old iPad for cash

I am sure most of us has at some point come across one of the many mobile phone recycling schemes where you can send in your old mobile phone and get a check in return. Well, some of these schemes also offer recycling of your iPad and we have had a look at the current prices they offer for the 32gb iPad wi-fi.

We have looked at the different prices using Sellmymobile.com mobile phone recycling comparison site, and below are the results.

Current iPad recycling prices ahead of iPad 2 launch

As you can see at the moment you are likely to get a better price through Ebay or a similar marketplace, although things can be a bit more straightforward sometimes when using a mobile recycling scheme.


If you currently own an Apple iPad but really want to get your hands on the iPad 2 when it is released later this year in the UK, then you can consider one of the options above, or you can also go to your local high-street and see if you can get a better price from any of the local places such as CEX which will help you fund your next iPad 2 purchase.

Depending on the specs of the iPad 2 some of you might also be happy to get your hands on the original iPad, in which case you might have the opportunity to make a bargain or two in the coming months.

We are back with full coverage of the iPad 2 launch event on 2nd March.


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