Latest news from WWDC – iPhone 3GS is announced

Apple just concluded their keynote speach starting off the WWDC in San Francisco by announcing the new iPhone 3GS (Speed), what can best be described as an upgrade from the current iPhone 3G, featuring upgrade to 32gb iPhone and an improved 3megapixel camera.

Apple announced the new iPhone 3GS

At the moment not sure about whether or not this can be considered a good upgrade or just an average one. The latest rumors have clearly been around a minor upgrade, focusing on upgrade to 32gb iPhone, improved speed, and improved camera, which was all delivered. However many has also focused on forward facing camera and video conferencing, but we will have to wait longer for that.

The improved memory on the iPhone 3GS is mostly welcome though, along with improved battery life as well, both issues with the iPhone 3G. The upgrade to 3 megapixel camera is however in the lower expectation level as it is still quite inferior to many of the other smartphones out there.

The price point for O2 customers in the UK has not been set yet, but the suggested price in the US is $199 for the 16 gb iPhone 3GS, and $299 for the 32gb iPhone 3GS. We will be back with more information on UK prices as soon as O2 has updated their information.

Other noticeable features of the new iPhone 3GS is:

  • Data encryption for business users
  • Support for 7.2 Mbps HSPDA
  • Auto-focus camera with video recording and editing functionality
  • MMS
  • Support for Nike+
  • Most eco-friendly iPhone ever
  • Voice control through home button

Below is the live update information.


We are following the keynote speach from the WWDC live at the moment, relaying the main news stories related to the iPhone right here.This story is updates as the event goes on in San Francisco.

  • This concludes the keynote speach.
  • The new iPhone will be available in US and UK on the 19th June
  • Price point is $199 for iPhone 3GS 16gb and $299 for iPhone 3GS 32gb – includes the new OS 3.0
  • 32gb iPhone is confirmed as much rumored before
  • Most eco-friendly iPhone as of yet
  • Improved battery life – up to 9 hours of surfing, 10 hours of video, 30 hours of audio, 12 hours of talk time
  • iPhone 3GS supports data encryption
  • Support for Nike +
  • Voice control can be activated by holding down the home button until the menu appears
  • Videos can be edited and immediately be shared on YouTube etc. In addition there is a video API that allows developers to integrate the video in their Apps
  • New camera supports video
  • New 3mp auto focus camera
  • Support for 7.2 Mbps HSPDA
  • No front facing camera. The changes seem to be mostly internal as the external looks the same
  • The new iPhone 3GS is announced – S stands for Speed
  • iPhone makes up 65% of all mobile web usage
  • Push notifications can include pop-up alerts, sounds, or badges
  • Improved Google Maps integration opportunities for developers
  • 100+ new API’s that let accessories talk directly to the iPhone through dock connector or bluetooth
  • The new service also includes remote wipe of personal data on your iPhone
  • Find my iPhone –  a service that for MobileMe users can help you automatically locate your iPhone
  • Support for HTTP streaming audio and video
  • New Safari on iPhone supporting auto-fill based on contact list information
  • Tethering supported by 22 operators so far, but not AT&T
  • Improvements to iTunes that will allow direct download of rented or purchased movies to the iPhone and iPod Touch
  • iPhone pictures shown currently look like the iPhone 3G
  • 100 new features of the new OS, including cut n paste functionality
  • Currently talking about the new iPhone OS 3.0
  • 40 million iPhones and iPod Touch’s sold in the last year


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