What is happening with Flash for iPhone and iPod Touch? Latest news

Ever since the launch of the iPhone and the iPod Touch with all its functionality there has been one thing that everyone has been asking for; when is Flash coming to the iPhone/iPod Touch? Since then several months have passed and lots of rumors about what is happening, so we have compiled some of the latest news and rumors.

When is flash coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch?Many might question why it has taken this long and why getting flash to the iPhone and iPod Touch should be so difficult, but it all has to do with system resources, as Flash in its normal form is fairly resource heavy therefore limiting the rest of the functionality, and battery life, of the devices it is used on. So for Apple it was clearly a battery and CPU issue stopping the introduction of flash.

It has long been rumored that Adobe has been working on and being very close to creating a Flash version that is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod Touch, as well as other mobile devices. In fact, ZDNet recently announced that Flash10 was coming to most mobiles soon, but would not come to the iPhone. According to their news the full version of Flash10 will be available on smartphones running Windows Mobile, Google Android, Symbian, and the new Palm operating system. The story goes on to suggest that the hold up on flash for iPhone is down to Apple opening up for new technology.

Computerworld recently had a story about how Adobe’s Flash Lite version was spreading like wildfire amongs other mobile devices, but that Apple was not interested in introducing it for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Part of the reason why Apple was probably not interested in the Flash Lite was that there were complaints about its performance, which again is probably one of the reasons why Adobe is releasing the full version.

However Gadget Lab is pouring some salt into the wounds of anyone hoping for a quick solution to the Flash and iPhone issue, stating that Flash would actually be in breach of Apple’s terms of service for the application development programme. It is not in Apple’s interest to allow any application to be used on the iPhone and iPod Touch that could potentially open up for other applications and uses outside of Apple’s own control and the iTunes App Store. With Flash being a platform on its own, a full version of Flash compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch will literally mean that Apple would have to give up some of their strict control over uses of applications, as it could open up for developers to create games, videoes, music etc. running directly off a website, instead of having to go through the Apple controlled iTunes App Store.

So it looks like there is no clear solution to Flash for the iPhone and iPod Touch in the near future, so Apple fans out there, prepare for a long wait!


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