Update: More news on the coming 3G iPhone

Following our earlier post about the expected launch of the new 3G iPhone, we have come across some more news and features we thought we would share with the rest of you.

Several articles are reporting on the expected launch of the new 3G iPhone from Apple on monday the 9th of June, and a few of them are reporting on some extra details about the new iPhone as well.

  • As mentioned before it will feature corporate email functionality and access to other external applications.
  • It will operate on a 3G network that will allow for much faster data transfers
  • It is expected to be 22 percent slimmer than the current version (thank God!) and with more memory and longer lasting battery.
  • It will include a software upgrade that includes improved security and Microsoft exchange email software integration. This is done to allow it to compete with the business popular Blackberry.
  • It is also expected to feature GPS and voice activation services.
  • It is also expected that the new 3G iPhone will be available in more countries, with reports saying 64 countries in addition to the countries where the current version of the iPhone is available (Businessweek)

Now we just have to wait and see what happens on monday to get all the nitty gritty information about the new 3G iPhone.


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