World of unusual design: The tree stump speakers

In a market dominated by a lot of standard looking iPod speaker docks and accessories, every now and then items pop up that defy the norm; such as these nature inspired tree stump speakers by Thomas Laenner.

Tree Stump speakers with nature inspired design

While they might look like tree stumps, they are not made out of tree or necessarily very environmental friendly, but for those that are looking for something quirky and different in design, these could fit the bill, if they ever get produced as at the moment they are just at a concept stage.

With built in 4-inch speakers in each branch and 3.5mm audio jack, they should work with pretty much any media player. The concept also includes a possible future docking station for Apple devices that attach to the tree stump speaker to mimic a bird on a branch. Controls have cleverly been built into the unit using circular knobs that are discretely hidden.

If they end up getting into production they will hopefully add wireless charging ability of the speakers and Apple AirPlay so that there will be no need for wires at all. That way you can get a bunch of them and make yourself a well sounding forest of designer tree stumps.

[source: ubergizmo]


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