Unmonday 4.3L AirPlay speaker seeks Kickstarter funding

Unmonday Airplay speaker Kickstarter project

We all know Mondays can be tough, but i find music always helps, so the name of this new Kickstarter project kinda makes sense. Meet the Unmonday 4.3L hexagon Airplay enabled speaker that can be paired up to create a Surround Sound system.

Unmonday Airplay speaker Kickstarter project

What makes this AirPlay speaker project coming out of Helsinki, Finland so interesting is how it uses the design of speakers as part of controlling how each individual speaker will behave, either alone or as you pair up to 5 of them together. The unique design combined with the Alpair 10 driver inside each speaker allows you to simply turn each individual speaker to one of its 5 sides, each representing one of 5 Dolby Surround Channels. With one Unmonday 4.3L speaker you will have Mono sound, with two you can have stereo sound, and with 5 you will have Surround Sound.

They have also made the speaker portable, and teamed up with an accessory manufacturer that allows them to provide a nice leather carry cover for each speaker for an additional cost. The rechargeable battery in the speaker supports up to 10 hours of playtime between charges. There is also a 3.5mm line-in should your device not support AirPlay streaming.

Unmonday 4.3L is seeking to raise $200,000 in Kickstarter funding, of which at the moment of publishing this they have raised just over $50,000 with 13 days to go. One of the things that might stop a lot of people from jumping on this interesting project is the cost, with each speaker expected to retail at around $700. Currently you can get one for $499 by backing the project on Kickstarter.

[source: Kickstarter]


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