Apple to bring Macbook unibody thinking to next iPod Classic

You can always trust macnn  to be on the ball in terms of dissecting Apple patents and patent applications, and the latest ones concerns the future or next generation iPod Classic amongst other as there are indications that they might bring the thinking and technology behind the latest MacBook to the iPod Classic by bringing out a unibody solution.

The unibody design was brought out by Apple for the latest MacBook series, basically creating building the Macbook from a single piece of aluminum. The unibody is a seamless enclosure carved from one piece of aluminum, opening up for the possibility of both saving cost and creating a slimmer design, all things that is music to the ears of any iPod fan out there.

The process of creating a device from one piece of sheet metal is described in the patent with a design that looks very much like a future version of the iPod Classic as it keeps the classic clickwheel functionality. So what we might see from the next generation iPod Classic is a single piece of thin aluminized coolness that only Apple can deliver – and hopefully at a reduced price.

Future possible unibody iPod Classic Apple patent illustration


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  1. I’l buy it just after it’s been launched

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