Unforgettable or not – Beatles arrives on iTunes!

So the hype around the iTunes announcement ends with The Beatles catalogue finally arriving on iTunes, but did the Apple marketing machine go a bit overboard with hyping this event up? Or was it another great display of Apple marketing doing very little to create a lot of buzz?

There is no doubt that there were few topics yesterday that attracted more discussion than what the cryptic iTunes teaser was all about, with the Apple team calling it “a day never to forget”. Personally I have already forgotten about it as I don’t need iTunes to get The Beatles collection onto my iPhone, not that I am that fuzzed about having Beatles on it anyway (just a personal music preference).

As for the buzz generation from the Apple marketing team – I guess it is not that difficult to create some serious buzz when you are one of the best known brands in the world with a large following of eager bloggers and apple fanatics that will spread the music through the wireless world. They did however make a lot of headlines and get the message out there that Beatles is now available to download through iTunes. In the end it will surely sound nice in the iTunes Store cash register.

Read yesterdays iTunes buzz below.

Apple today started teasing an iTunes event for tomorrow the 16th November, raising all kinds of speculations about what Apple and Steve Jobs got up their sleeve for iTunes in this busy Christmas season.

Apple teases upcoming big iTunes annoucement

The tagline for the iTunes announcement is “Tomorrow is just another day. That you will never forget.” teasing an exciting announcement taking place at 7am Cupertino time, or 3pm London time.

So what is this exciting announcement Apple wants to share with us about iTunes? and why does it come just days after Apple released iTunes 10.1 with amongst other Apple AirPlay support? The speculations are many so we have collected some of the more likely scenarios.

Cloud based iTunes subscription service

Could it be that Apple is launching a cloud based subscription service, allowing you to store all your music and media in one place and stream directly to all compatible devices. This would be in answer to the future launch of Spotify in the US, and given that Apple recently opened their new state of the art data center. It is also a natural extension of the streaming service Lala that Apple acquired a while back.

Beatles arriving on iTunes

It might sound like an odd thing to make such a big announcement out of something like that, but could it be that Apple finally has been able to secure rights to distribute Beatles digitally through the iTunes Store?

Web based iTunes

Another possible scenario could be that Apple has created a web version of iTunes, bypassing the need for software on your computer.Your guess is probably as good as ours, so feel free to share your ideas by leaving a comment below.We will update this article with all the latest following the announcement tomorrow, and then we can decide if it is one to remember.


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2 Responses to "Unforgettable or not – Beatles arrives on iTunes!"

  1. Lach says:

    Live video streaming of concerts. Beatles on iTunes. announcement will include appearance by Paul and Ringo.
    I predicted this one year ago 🙂

  2. Mohamed says:

    shame on you apple, you have customers in the whole world, who will sure forget that day, but not forget that fault from apple, who cares about music library, more than fixing problems that faced us in apple products and the mean problem for the antenna issue for Iphone 4

    sorry apple, that’s a forgettable day

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