UK music industry asking for ipod tax – just say no

I’m sure we all don’t like the initiative from the UK music industry asking for an ipod tax to compensate the music industry for the transfer of music from cd’s to mp3.

The Government had proposed to legalize the transfer of music from a CD to MP3, something that is currently an infringement of copyright, which in my opinion is ridiculous. Who are the music industry trying to charge us first for the cd and then also charge us for wanting to have the cd on our Apple ipod or similar MP3 players. In my world that is called greed, and nothing but greed!

According to the European Union directive on copyright countries have two options on private copying, they can either ban it or allow it by ensuring a ‘fair compensation’  for rights holders.

The music industry is even asking to have control of the amount the tax should be on the portable music players that would use copied content. Perhaps then the Goverment should start controlling how much the copyright holder can get paid as well then! The music industry sure knows how to shoot itself in the foot, and should instead focus on how to utilize new technology to get fans to buy more products from them by providing extra content that we would like to buy.

Either way the whole thing is a joke that will be impossible to control. I think the police has more than enough to do than to patrol the tube in the morning trying to find out how individuals had got their content on their Apple ipod.

You can read more about the stupidity here.


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