UK bans iPhone ad for being misleading about internet speed

Apple’s latest tv ad in the UK for the iPhone, created by advertising agency TBWA/London, has been banned due to customer complaints about the ad’s claims of the internet speed of the 3G iPhone being ‘really fast’ (source: Guardian).

This is the second time that the UK’s advertising standards authority has had to ban an ad for the iPhone for being misleading. For this one relating to the internet speed of the new 3G iPhone, they received 17 complaints that the ad was exagerating the performance of the iPhone when it came to internet surfing.

Apple has defended their ad by saying that the claims were relative and that they referred to the comparison between the original iPhone and the new 3G iPhone, and not compared to internet speed in general. However the advertising authority felt that the reference to the speed as shown in the ad could be misleading to consumers not familiar with internet speeds on mobile devices, such as the 3G iPhone.

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