Ubisoft looking to develope games for iPod and iPhone

With Apple opening up the iPod and iPhone for more external application developers, the game industry seems keen to take on the challenge as well with Ubisoft saying they are ready to start looking at developing games for the iPod and iPhone.

It’s the new touch screen technology that has now made the gaming industry open their eyes for the opportunity to develop some of the same games as they are today developing for Nintendo DS, PS3 etc. also for the iPod or iPhone.

It will be interesting to see if the iPod and the iPhone can take on the game console giants when it comes to portable gaming. It is a huge market and i’m sure that it is something that Steve Jobs and the people at Apple are already thinking about.

We are interested in hearing your view about this. Can the iPod and iPhone challenge the likes of DS and PSP, or any future portable gaming station?


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