Software update 1.1 fixes issue with turning off 6th generation iPod Nano – Apple finally listens

Since Apple started shipping the new 6th generation iPod Nano there has been several reports and activty on Apple forums with customers complaining about not being able to turn off their new iPod Nano 6G, and that it is affecting battery life.

News! Apple releases software fix version 1.1

After months of customers complaints about the battery issue and not being able to switch off their iPod Nano 6 it looks like Apple has finally listened and released software update version 1.1 for the iPod Nano 6th generation.

With the software upgrade you will be able to turn the iPod Nano completely off using the sleep/wake button, as well as use the same button to control music and radio playback. The software upgrade should appear as an option when you connect your iPod Nano to iTunes.

Here are the instructions for turning your 6th generation iPod Nano completely off:

  • Hold down the sleep/wake button for several seconds to turn the device completely off (does not work it the device is shown as charging or attached to a power source)
  • Hold down the sleep/wake button for a few seconds to switch the device back on

Apple is also advising that when the iPod Nano is completely turned off the following will stop working:

  • Music or audio playing on the device will stop
  • Paused radio will be cleared
  • Any slideshows will stop
  • If you are in the process of recording a voice memo it will stop and save itself
  • The pedometer stops working and Nike + workout data stops and saves
  • When the iPod Nano is turned off you will not be able to hear or be alerted to any alarm or reminder that you might have set up on the device.
  • If you switch the 6th generation iPod Nano back on within 5 minutes of when it was turned off it will remember your playlist and what was playing.

You can read more about this and how to control playback with the sleep/wake button in this Apple article.

The original issue with the iPod Nano 6

When Steve Jobs first launched the new touchscreen iPod Nano it was met with a lot of interest, but following recent reports about battery life issues and not being able to switch it off it seems that many customers are returning their iPod Nano.

So what is the issue with not being able to switch off the 6th generation iPod Nano? The new touchscreen iPod Nano does not come with a on/off button but rather a sleep/wake button that is used to turn the screen off (into sleep mode). You can’t however use the button to completely switch off the iPod Nano.

New iPod Nano 6th generation touchscreen

According to Apple pausing the music and using the sleep button will but the iPod Nano in standby mode for 36 hours, and will quickly return to normal if you then click the sleep/wake button again. If you however don’t use it for 36 hours while your iPod Nano is in standby mode, it will shut down automatically. Hitting the sleep/wake button after that will then start the iPod Nano again and boot up the homescreen.

In short, putting your iPod Nano in standby mode and leaving it will eventually result in it turning off. The problem is that the iPod Nano is still using battery while in standby mode, and many have complained that even leaving the Nano over-night results in iPod Nano needing a charge, even though Apple says that the battery will provide up to 24 hours of play time.

Have you experienced battery life problems with your new 6th generation iPod Nano? if so, please let us know by leaving a comment below.


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397 Responses to "Software update 1.1 fixes issue with turning off 6th generation iPod Nano – Apple finally listens"

  1. Mike says:

    Just got a new nano for my son and have run into this issue. We charge it and the battery is dead within the day.

    Is there a fix coming or should I return the ipod also??

    • Robby Bommer says:

      I have the same problem my battery only lasts like 5 or 6 hours wtf if i take it to the apple store will they fix it????

      • Leigh New Zealand says:

        I purchased mine a few weeks ago and used it on night duty. Same problem in that the battery was depleted after about 4 to 5 hours of radio and tunes…very frustrating. I went into the Apple Store and was advised that plugging device directly into wall socket was the best/fastest way to charge. The initial charge should be for approx 10 hours (and then leave plugged in for a further one hour) the PLUG icon will then show on the battery charge bar to indicate that the ipod is fully charged. You can then leave it on stand by and use as a watch as well for around a week depending on usage before you need to charge it again. If you’ve started out only charging your new ipod for a few hours only, the battery may already be damaged…ie now has a shortened battery life memory so will not now be able to be fully charged to get the 24 hr play time. However if you’ve only just got your ipod then you should still be ok if you try the into the wall socket for 10 to 11 hours for a full charge. The guy at the Apple Store was really helpful and told me not to bother turning the ipod off completely as the battery life will be fine…he was right and my ipod now works as advertised….very happy!!

  2. RK says:

    I have same problem and have the same exact question. It’s frustrating because it was billed as 24hrs+ battery life! Is there a way to turn it off or will I have to return it?

  3. scott says:

    Yes, I am having the same issues. The fully charged Nano is dead when I come back to it later. I should have waited a while before purchasing until the bugs are out.

  4. LJ says:

    Same problem here. I just got mine today and couldn’t figure out how to shut it off totally…thought I would just have to read the manuel and figure it out, but that didn’t help. Same question though, is it best to return it? Because I do love it so far otherwise…

  5. admin says:

    so far there has been no official word from apple on this issue. It could be something that a firmware upgrade could fix, but perhaps a good idea to take it in to your local apple store and ask them.

  6. Rodrigo says:

    I just bought mine on Tuesday (Sept 21st) and I think I’m having the same problem. I mean, I used to have a 1st generation but unfortunately I had lost it and then I bought this one, which has just been released.
    At first, I was very happy with the new design and some new features but now, I’m kind of worried because there’s no such thing as a ON/OFF button.
    I’m strongly considering changing it for the 5th generation, before they’re all sold out, because at least the 5th one seems like my former one (the 1st), and that one I was pretty sure that could be turned off.

    What do you think, guys?

  7. sheila says:

    I have had the same problem and i am returning it..I might get the 5th generation..Does that one turn off?

  8. admin says:

    I have not heard of similar issues with the 5th generation iPod Nano.

  9. Guillem says:

    Same issues. Plus the battery doesn´t charge when I plug it in my car interface.

  10. Mountain Man says:

    APPLE — just do this. If I touch the button for a few seconds, consider is sleep/wake. If I hold it down for 10 seconds, turn it on/off. The battery life SUCKs without this.

  11. Marybeth says:


    I consider myself the techno queen. I must have read 20+++ reviews on this thing. Nowhere did any of these reviews say anything about an on/off button not being there!! I bought it today, and am wondering how the battery is going to do. I bought this thing for the uncomplicated factor, and now I’m going to have to return it as there isn’t an off/ on switch. I mean how hard is it to put a stupid on/ off switch on the thing. GRRR, so annoyed.

  12. Leigh Anne says:

    yep i just got a new nano and it had about 1/4 battery when i woke up this morning because i cant turn it off. there is no way i wouldnt use my ipod for 36 hours. thats like a tease. bummer.

  13. Tonya says:

    I can’t believe I can’t turn this off…I came here looking for instructions how to do it. Major Bummer!
    I just got it today, used FF miles for it…I wonder how hard it will be to return. Thanks for the info tho!

  14. glo says:

    I Just bought mine this week. I can’t believe there in no on/off button!!!! After downloading tons of music, I’m afraid I am going to have to return it. This REALLLLLY sucks. Apple, what were you thinking? I should’ve followed my first mind and purchased the older generation!!!

  15. Mags says:

    Same problem. Frustrated that this unit needs an almost daily plug-in.

  16. Beverly says:

    Ditto to all of these issues. This is very frustrating.

  17. Simon says:

    Same issue, bought as gift for wife. she charged it up, couldn’t turn it off & it was dead a few hours later. expect better from a high profile company like Apple who’s products are already way overpriced. am returning it.

  18. Kate says:

    Yes I have had the same issue. Very frustrating!

  19. Shannon says:

    Had my ipod a week not only does it not turn off and needs to be charged DAILY but devices like my Ipod speaker home system is not charging it as its playing through the device??? My last generation I could put on their and play music all morning and know that even though I have been blasting it all morning, it will still be good as new when I am ready to head out for the day ????

  20. Doris says:

    Although mine hasnt needed a charge in 2 days, the battery still dies a lot sooner than my previous 2nd generation shuffle. I bought this one because of the touch screen and also because it claims to have 10 more hours of music playback than my previous ipod. But without the off button, the battery dies more quickly. What were they thinking with this??

  21. Kayla says:

    same problem. had to suffer by watching the battery slowly diminish throughout the day and thought i would solve the problem on here…but now i am told it has no off function. just great.

  22. Kathy says:

    I have the same problem – for the price we pay you think they could include a off button

  23. Rick says:

    Same problem. Just bought it 2 days ago and figured everyone was using it wrong until it kept happening to me, even when I made sure it was not playing anything and was in sleep mode. I am very disappointed in this product and in Apple and will return it as soon as possible. I’m going to avoid getting Apple products from now on.

  24. I second a motion, I’m good for one and a half visits to the gym “bummer” it’s a cool version. Also tapping the screen can be a bit of a problem, over and over – I just want’s to express it’s own individuality and not comply…

  25. Arlene says:

    I purchased my Nano the day it came out. I bought it on line from Apple. It was love at first sight until the battery problem. I fully charged the ipod, then played the radio and then pressed the sleep button. The next morning it was dead! I think the problem is with the earbuds, they act as an antenna for the radio. I think they are draining the battery. I sent the Nano back to Apple for a refund. I have a five year old ipod photo and have never had any problems with it, I hope Apple with fix the battery problems with the new Nano.

  26. STEVE N says:

    Unbelievable! You can’t turn the doggon thing off! I am returning it ASAP! Bought this for the gym like many other users but can only get 1 workout with it. Ugh!

  27. pgdark19 says:

    I have to be honest here……I just cannot understand why people are drawn to this new iPod Nano. It is nothing more than a glorified shuffle. It is the same price point as previous Nanos and compared to the 5th generation you are getting so much less! You cannot watch movies on this one……there is no video capability or camera. I have the 4G Nano, the iPod classic, and a 3GS iPhone…. all of which I am thrilled with. My daughter has been asking for a Nano for Christmas this year…..and I have searched all over the place trying to get her a 5G model which was almost impossible since the new touchscreen Nano was released. I was able to find a few left on Wal-Mart’s website.

    IMO, if you are looking for something that is tiny and clips onto your clothes, then this is a good choice. But, if you want the video and camera capability, then go to Amazon or Wal-Mart’s websites and get a 5th generation model before they are all gone.

  28. tommym says:

    i got the new ipod and if i just push push then push sleep, its all set and the next time i turn it on, it has the same battery amount left as when i last turned it off

  29. Dan M says:

    Yep, same problem. Charged up, left overnight, got to race start to find it dead. Would love to keep it if Apple has a fix coming fast!

    Totally disappointed :(

  30. sara says:

    I usually go to sleep at night listening to the radio., Even if the new 6th generation ipod is fully charged when I fall asleep at 11pm, by 6am when I want to listen to the morning news the ipod battery is dead. Marketing material suggesting that the battery lasts up to 24 hours are clearly incorrect. Absolutely no point taking the ipod on a long flight. Very disappointed

  31. murari bhartia says:

    Design and. Touchpad of new ipod 6g r awsome!….but have to charge everyday…since even in sleepmode I felt it consume 20 % of battery in 8 hrs..but overall I liked the product just waiting for some firmware update from apple

  32. Anne Franzen says:

    Battery life is horrible due to no ON/OFF. Also, I must say that I would like to be able to skip songs without having to look down tap the screen and then tap the “forward”. Some things are better off not on a touch screen. I am returning mine! I hope they don’t give me a problem at the store.

  33. Raelisha says:

    I ordered the new one online and took Apple on the free message on the back. Now i am stuck with this stupid thing and it completly sucks because I can’t turn it off. I wanted it for at school, but it is dead before my 5 hour break is over. I hate it but there is nothing that I can do!!!

  34. rose says:

    same thing here. how stupid!!!!!!! what the heck, no off button!!!!!??? I’m returning it also, its cute, but what is the point on battery life if you can’t turn it off and the next day it needs charging. This is such a stupid oversight on their part. And for the price, definately should have an off/on button. Apple, this is stupid stupid stupid!!

  35. Mikey Smiles says:

    Well, yes. I’ve been freakin’ out about this!! I’m so surprised that Apple would overlook this? However, I was sent a survey from Apple in regards to my Nano purchase. And they did specifically ask what “one complaint” I had. So, of course my one and only complaint was no “true dedicated off button”

  36. Christian says:

    yes I am encountering the same issue, should I return the Ipod??

  37. claire says:

    mehh. mine doesnt turn off either.

  38. BKW says:

    yea…my ipod nano 6 has been having some problems in the review it says it has 24 hours of play time on it but my ipod doesnt last that long its a piece of CRAP!!!! i have to charge my ipod almost 3 TIMES A DAY!!! its ridiculous. apple needs to have a recall and FIX all the ipod nanos 6 gen.

  39. FdeLO says:

    Same problem here, the cute little nano doesn’t turn off completely. By the way, I realy like it and don’t want to return it to Apple. We all make mistakes and I hope this little lack will soon be resolved. Good luck to Apple.

  40. ArizMan says:

    Horrible to report as well. I’m constantly charging my nano and it barely works through two days of workouts (sleeping between). After calling apple support there has been no improvement. Probably going to return it and wait till they fix the issue. Sad because otherwise I love it.

  41. Leto says:

    i am also having the same issue…should i return it or are they going to fix this?

  42. admin says:

    There are rumours that Apple will bring a firmware upgrade to fix it, but nothing is confirmed. So far Apple has not acknowledged that it is an issue. Suggest you ask your local Apple store, and do let us know what reply you get.

  43. Joh says:

    Same problem here. Really cool toy but if battery problem a reality not worth it as I travel a lot and need lasting batteries

  44. Karen Webster says:

    Yes this thing bites. Plays for 2 hours and dies. Took it back to the store for a reset (after calling support and doing a reset at home TWICE) and spent an hour on the phone to Apple today getting bounced around until someone agreed to let me send it back at my own expense. A waste of $5 but better than waisting $150 on this POS. Now, to get my old one back from my son. We are a Mac family and committed users, but I think they are trying to sweep this under the rug. When you search Apple Support for “6th Generation” NOTHING comes up, but if you Google it you can back into it. It’s there. Oh, it’s there alright.

  45. Ramsey says:

    Wow…. I lost my 4th generation so I bought a new iPod. I go to Walmart looking for another one just like mine and find that all they have is this smaller touch screen one. I get it and it’s not half as good as my old one. Good job Apple.

  46. stephanie says:

    same issue, so obnoxious. How could they possibly overlook this? I mean… really?

  47. chelsie says:

    Love the new ipod in so many ways, but the sleep/wake sucks!!! My battery drains over night while in sleep mode. This needs fixed asap or I would like to return it. Why won’t apple fix it??!!!

  48. Don says:

    Am I the only one who has figure this thing out? To avoid waiting the 36 hours for this thing to go off, I just did the following: Hold the “sleep/wake” button down while holding down the volume down button. The screen will go off and come back on with just the menu and no music. Then just tap on the “slleep/wake” button again. I think it’s the closest thing to off you can get. Anyway, I agree with all these posts. Apple should have put on a dedicated “off” switch but other than that, I am happy with it. I previously had a 5G which I loved but it got stolen. Good luck!

  49. Misty says:

    I love the new nano. This is my first nano – I’ve only purchased the shuffle which I also love. The new nano 6 may be a “glorified shuffle” as some would say but that is exaclty what I was after. I just to see my music so I could remember who the artists were and move about my music more easily. I received mine in Sept. as a gift and have just really been able to use it. Now I’ve discovered the battery life issue along with the not having a on/off switch. I came here thinking I missed something but as it seems the only thing I’m missing is a on/off switch. I will take this back (even though I’d rather not) if Apple does not send out a FIX for this, which I hope they do this VERY SOON before I have to take it back. I will not buy the older version as this is the only style that I want! Thank you ~

  50. Misty says:


    I almost tried this and after posting read your post. I tried the volume/sleep button and it took me to a menu with only an apple on it. Then I turned it back to the main menu. Could be better than leaving it for 36 hours. I’ll try it again once I have more battery life to see where it takes me.


  51. NanoFan says:

    I hope they provide a software update to fix this. As it is, I am constantly having to re-charge my battery. Apple—–come on, you do better than this.

  52. Scarlett says:

    Yes, I’ve just purchased one of these and can’t believe Apple have overlooked something so obvious. They are definitely cheating because you can never actually turn the thing off – ridiculousI am not angry just very disappointed as I loved this and am so sad to have to exchange in return for something which, well, does have an on/off switch. . .

  53. Tara says:

    Same issue, constantly disappointed when I head to run it’s dead! Bought it for the lightweightness and by 2nd Gen screen died…never had a problem with the 2nd gen in 4 yrs of use!

  54. Cassidy says:


    Go to settings – general – and change the live pause thing off. it will allow the nano to be shut off completely

  55. Emma says:


    As your off to bed, just plug it into your computer. For those who claim to listen to it as you sleep, your asleep anyway so get over it :) .
    It is an awesome ipod – simple, easy to use and easy to clip onto your trackpants for the gym or to go for a walk/run. It even has a pedometer.
    So, after your gym session, turn on your computer and re charge :)

  56. Phil says:

    Cassidy, I did what you said but it did not shut down. heck the thing was on when i took it out of the box! What should I do after I shut the live pause off?

    Thank you!!

  57. Joe says:

    i just turned off live pause – maybe it will work for me – but ive had a lot of trouble with this ipod

  58. George says:

    Same problem. I think anyone that has this ipod should be able to return it for a full refund with or with a receipt AND no matter when it was purchased. I bought mine at Target about 6 or 8 months ago. I’m thinking the young techy salesperson prob knew about this issue when I bought it but didn’t say anything about it so to make the sale. Thanks for the honesty to the consumer Apple and Target!

  59. Sarah says:

    So disappointing! Everything about this nano is great for what I want to use it for. The major downfall is that I haven’t been able to use it when I want to because I’ve been finding the battery is dead all the time.

  60. Phil says:

    My battery is on day 3 and still is fine about 1/2 down I have not played it much though just in stand by mode.

  61. Frances says:

    Wow, thank goodness it’s not just me LOL I thought I was just an idiot who couldn’t see a simple solution in front of my face… apparently this is a universal problem. How could Apple possibly overlook this? I had the original Nano, loved it, had it for 3 years and lost it… I went this weekend to buy a similar one, possibly the 5th generation, but I was told they are not available and had to buy the 6th Gen Nano. I love, love, love it, but this no ON/OFF button is kind of ridiculous, if you ask me. Wouldn’t common sense say that 36 hours in standby mode will KILL THE BATTERY?! I hope they acknowledge this or send out some software to fix it, because for all the money this thing cost, having to charge it MINIMUM once a day is simply unacceptable.

  62. Martin says:

    God. This sucks. I hope a fix will come soon. This is rediculous

  63. Eric says:

    My brand new Nano (one week old) won’t turn back on…battery drained and will not recharge. I loved the 5G Nano but some d-bag stole it…so I was forced to ‘upgrade’ to this clearly inferior version. What’s the selling point? It has a clip and a touchscreen? The clip is useful but I’ll never understand why anyone cares about having a touchscreen anything. What a gyp! Any solutions for the darn thing not being able to take a charge one week out of the (plastic) box?

  64. Nana says:

    Non mais franchement … Je suis dingue de cet Ipod , vraiment ! MAIS APPLE au diable pourquoi à tu oublier une telle chose ? ARRET/MARCHE … A votre avis ? Il vous remediez a sa ?

  65. Kirsty says:

    I have to charge my ipod every day due to the lame wake/sleep button. Got the16g because my old ipod 4g ran out of space all the time. Not impressed at all. Gave my old ipod away hmmmm is it rude if I ask for it back??

  66. Logan says:

    umm i have the same problem and youd think that apple would be smart enough to put and on/off button.but hey what do i know……….

  67. Anthony says:

    I agree with everyone. How can apple not realise this would cause so many problems? Apple , I hope you fix the problem soon!

  68. Jeanette says:

    Just upgraded my 3G Nano on Saturday and was very excited. But I am already charging this and I haven’t actually used it that much yet. A bit disappointed, I must say.

  69. Erik says:

    Aside from the typical sleep vs. off issue and the resulting SUCKY battery life, my gen 6 will only replay the same song unless I go into the menu (like artist or album) and change it! Isn’t shuffle supposed to move from song to song? And the shaking shuffle doesn’t work either. I look like a fool commuting on the train, shaking my Nano like I’m getting an eel off my arm!

  70. Orla says:

    Yep, same thing happened to me, also read all kinds of reviews and never noticed the flaw, upgraded from the old shuffle, and love this nano for flexibility with playlists..but this whole on off thing is very odd, and quite inconvenient that you have to charge it all the time! Very annoying for travelling, and I just want to keep it in the gym bag all week, but now need to take it out every day to recharge..ridiculous..

  71. aziz says:

    I managed to switch it “off” first by completely ending the last album played (you can just let it finish or simply moving toward the end of the album with the “next track” command), and than put it asleep.
    This means that on the “desktop” of the nano, next to the battery led, there will be no pause/play sign before putting it asleep.

    The day after the battery was still at the same level of the previous day.

    I know that it’s not straight forward, but it should work..

  72. Mark says:

    Yes, same problems for me as seemingly everyone else.

    It’s not drastic, but the thing is draining far more quickly than my First Gen Nano whose battery is close to shot. This latest Nano gives me about 4-5 hrs (if that) of actual listening before needing a recharge. (Say, 4-5 x1hr sessions with breaks in between.) The old Nano lasts much longer and can be turned off.

    What aziz (above) suggests is a good idea to test, but is not practical if you’re listening to your whole collection on shuffle. How do you get to the end of that in a short time? It might work if you are on a particular Playlist or Album with a limited amount of songs. Thus when it’s over it bounces back to the Main Menu and when you sleep from there it (allegedly) doesn’t use as much battery. Worth testing.

    For the rest of us, the only way to exit the thing is to leave a track in PAUSE (because there’s no STOP button to a track, or overall OFF button), and then send the whole thing to sleep with the external button, but what we’re all discovering is this SUCKS the battery. Sure it wakes up real quick the next day at the same point, but at the cost of the battery.

    Other than that, like another writer, it’s now more cumbersome to quickly tap to the next song. On the scroll wheel Nanos, I could just reach down and click in the right spot. With this one, the screen goes black after a short while to conserve the battery (but keeps playing), but in order to go to the next track manually, you have to bring it out of that black state by pressing a button so you can see the screen, then activate a command by pressing again.

    This model has many good points, but a few trade-offs.

  73. Janet Spano says:

    This 6th generation ipod nano is driving me crazy. I hate the touch screen. It would be real nice
    if I could get directions on how to work this thing. I am thinking of bringing it back but a friend
    put all the music on for me. Can your people in the store transfer the music. This model is
    most frustrating. My old ipod was great – easy to use – easy to do everything. Only stopped because I left it outside by mistake and it rained. Wish I could just have an instruction booklet
    not to repair this thing but to know how to work it. Is that asking for a lot…. Help….

  74. Sulis says:

    Re IPOD Off,
    What about setting “when timer ends” = “ipod sleep”
    Then set the timer to 1 min
    The press start timer.
    After 1 min the IPOD turns off.

    subsequently just press start timer whenever you want to turn off.

    does that preserve battery usage ?

  75. terry sals says:

    for a smart company u would think apple would tell u how to turn it off in the little fold out.

  76. Brian says:

    Apple obviously forgot. It must be the biggest technical cock-up ever.

  77. Jennifer says:

    Well, at least I know I’m not crazy! I kept telling my husband there was no way to power my new Nano off, and he of course thought I was an idiot! It was nice to be vindicated when I read this post to him:) Not being to turn it off is driving me nuts, my battery is often dead. It turns itself on in my gym bag all the time :(

  78. Oswelia Talavera says:

    I just purchased it on Nov10th, to replace my old one. It was very frustrating trying to find out how to turn it off. Yes, the battery does not last that long! And the worst part is that i bought it in Houston,but i leave in Mexico so no way to return it!

  79. hating apple says:

    I Bought the nano 1 week ago and already it does not make it through the day!! I never use the radio and 1/2 the time my music is on pause. I HATE this already and will go back to try and return later today.

  80. kate67 says:

    Hy,habe das Problem,dass mein nagelneuer ipod 6.G die Schüttelfunktion nicht hat,die überall angepriesen wird.KAnn mir einer helfen?

  81. Melissa says:

    To switch it off you need to pause the song and then hit the sleep button. This combination will turn off the ipod. I haven’t had a problem with it since I lost it yesterday in a car park :(

  82. Cindy says:

    It’s nice to know that I’m not an idiot after reading this. This is BS. I went to buy this one to have one of my own since my sister has an old one, and I wish the store had the old ones. Apple needs to give us all new iPods with on/off buttons so we can preserve the battery. It is completely ridiculous! I don’t wanna have to return this. Unbelievable that with later models, you’d think it would be easier and better, but so not the case. I want Apple to fix this and fix this now.

  83. alissa says:

    my ipod looses battery fast

  84. alissa says:

    also i had the old ipod shuffle with no screen that would last me days and days even when i ran all the time this is so stupid how could you not put a on and off switch serisly

  85. Eric says:

    Dies on me within a few hours, pretty ridiculous

  86. Jon says:

    I was planning on buying my first ipod but now it looks like I will have to wait until they come out with a new version that you can actually TURN OFF!

    Dear Apple: put down the crack pipe, dust off your old computer / engineering textbooks or whatever, and make a new product that comes with an ON/OFF button.

    What a bunch of BS.

  87. tony says:

    just tried the suggestion by Don #48 and it APPEARS to have worked….. thanks Hit the sleep/wake AND the down volume at the same time. After the menu pops up, hit the sleep/wake button again. It apparently turned off. In the morning I will check the battery life. Thanks again

  88. sie ching says:

    I have the same problem. I just bought this iPod for four days. I thought it’s me who’s so stupid I can’t turn off the iPod but now I know what’s the problem. can this iPod returned? or can I add some money and change it to another model? anyone who has the answer please reply me… thank’s

  89. tony says:

    FOLLOW UP on #87……. just turned it on, and the battery is still fully charged. The suggestion by Don #48 works….. not easy/conventional, but it works thanks Don

  90. Marco says:

    I’m having the same problems…
    I hope that Don#48 ‘s advice will work…I will also check the battery tomorrow morning.

  91. Alice says:

    Bought the new ipod a few days ago, love the new design, but i agree how hard is it to put an on/off switch in! Charged my ipod for 3 hours and within 30 mins of listening to it, a lot of the battery had been used up. Really annoying.

  92. Got 6th generation as a replacement to the 5th gen. that kept “freezing up”. (5th was only 45 days old). After on-line CS support and 1 hr at Apple store, several arguments with staff, I got the 6th gen. Now this thing dies CONSTANTLY because there is no ON/OFF switch. Tried to turn the thing on today and it was dead. Charged it , but now the volume is adjusting itself, to lower. All personal systems are in OFF position. I will be taking this thing back, My return date was 10/30/10. Sure I’m gonna get a hassle.

    Problem is that Apples policy is that you have to return w/in a very short window for refund or they will just replace with a like product. So if your past the return date on the receipt, Apple will only trade you for another same generation. Big problem is the thing is new and still has bugs.

  93. Michelle says:

    Boycott the new ipod nano touch for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  94. janie says:

    THIS NANO SUCKS! I charge it and try to turn it off, pause it and if I leave it ONE NIGHT, It’s dead and needs a charge. It’s extremely aggravating, how could Apple overlook this?

  95. Matt says:

    Yes, The battery life makes no sense and they should have put a off butten. =0

  96. Peter says:

    I have all the previous nanos and even my 1st generation nano retains more charge than the 6th generation! I just returned mines today with a full store credit.

  97. Pam says:

    Wish I would have come here first before buying one this morning! I hated that it would not turn off. I kept thinking there had to be a way. I ended up returning it this evening! I have my old ipod charging and will stick with that for awhile.

  98. Pam says:

    Omg you dumb idiots!
    To actually turn it off you just press
    – & + & the sleep/wake button.
    Bassicly all the buttons on the top
    hold it for a while.
    The apple sighn will show up, still keep on pressing it until it shows’ white or yellow writing and then press sleep wake button again.!

  99. DaveZ says:

    This does suck, but has anyone else had a problem with the volume getting way too loud or way to soft after another track starts? I am finding this to be very annoying!

  100. Jenny says:

    So on the ipod instructions it tells you how to put it to sleep (on the web site). Hold the down volume and the sleep button at the same time untill it goes off, let go and it will come back on then push the sleep button again. I did this 2 days ago and there was very little if any batterie used. It still remains to be seen how long it will play with out being charged. But I think this “no off button” is freking people out and it just is not as bad as it seems.

  101. Juliette says:

    This is one awful piece of equipment! It is a waste of my money!!!! No more apple products for me, enough is enough.

  102. Vicki says:

    I just purchased and charged my new nano last night and the battery is almost dead after 9-10 hours! I am disgusted!

  103. Susie says:

    I have not had a problem turning completely off. I just press the sleep for a couple seconds and it turns off? I have the live pause off though…….

  104. Carmen says:

    If there was some software upgrade where it lets you hold the button down for a few seconds, or all of them to shut it off, I’ll be happy. They probably assume we listen to music a lot, therefore there is no need for an off button ==

  105. Carmen says:

    It goes into the safe reboot mode, but it works! Just need to see how long battery lasts tomorrow! =D


  106. Pam says:

    i used to have the 4th generation ipod nano, which i loved to death, but unfortunately, lost. i’ve been begging my dad to buy me the 5th generation nano, but by the time he actually got around to buying an ipod, the 5th was pretty much discontinued (except for those few walmarts that still have them) , so he got me the 6th. after seeing the commercial on tv, i was pretty impressed by it, and i was very excited to finally have an ipod again, especially such a unique looking one.
    i’ll admit, i was a little disappointed that it doesn’t have video capability or games, but i was willing to look past that. i am, however, frustrated about the fact that there’s no on/off button, and the battery life is literally crap. it dies within 10 hours, at the most. i have to charge it every day, and since you can only put it in sleep mode, the dang thing finds a way to turn on by itself (in my backpack) and starts blaring music loudly through the headphones while i’m in class. i’m seriously considering returning this and forking out the extra cash for an ipod touch.

  107. jennifer says:

    OMG i thought i was the only one haveing problems turning this stupid thing off. i feel a little better to find out that there is no exact way to turn it off on the spot

  108. Guillaume says:

    Don’t know what’s the problem with you guys.
    You just need to pause the song, push the sleep button and after 2 minutes its shut down.

    Here the proof : when it’s not shut down, you can actually hear the volume noise when you push it. After 1 minutes, even if you push it, you won’t hear the noise : it’s shut down.

    PROBLEM SOLVE. Thank you.

  109. Jimmy Luv says:

    I just returned my new nano 16g to Costco where I purchased it for $160+! It kept losing its charge after 2 hours, and would not charge in my car, unlike my last gen nano, which played for DAYS without needing a recharge, and would recharge wherever I connected it.

    The new nano has ISSUES. I looked around Costco to see if they had issued a “fix” on the ones in the store now, only to find they had removed all of the ipod nano’s from the store. Gone. Caput.

    Very glad I got my money back, even though I loved the new smaller convenient size. Back to my regular nano which works like a charm until they fix this huge problem with the new one.

  110. matthew says:

    hey guys… i’m just wondering that if there’s like a rocket in the battery after like 1hr and 30 mins. of charging, what does that mean? thank and pls reply… take care

  111. matthew says:

    oh, and can you put apps and games in the 6g iPod nano? and how many hours does this one need charging? thanks

  112. Brookiemom says:

    EPIC FAIL APPLE—who forgets to create an off switch. I am glad I am not alone in having this issue!
    My battery dies every day because it still uses the battery in sleep mode :(

  113. tandis says:

    HATE this new design…want my classic back…and I paid so much for it. unfortunately, I bought it in mid-east and cannot even return it!! Apple has FAILED miserably on this one!!! this SUCKS!

  114. marion says:

    I NEED to return this thing I dislike the battery life so much. I had the lil 1gig ipod since it came out and i love it. Because I am an infrequent user I almost never have to charge it and…YES Apple, charging it sucks no matter how convenient you try and make it or think it is nowadays with everyone with their own personal PC. Not having an off button is a total fail not to mention a HUGE step back from orginal. I am so utterly dissapointed. I am going to try and return it and if not then exchange for the 2gig one but, honestly, this has completely turned me off to apple in general and, if a full return is allowed, I think I will just look for another Ipod solution. Such a small thing…such bad aftertaste it left me with…

  115. RSands says:

    Of all the ipods I’ve had, I am having the most trouble with this one because it’s dead half the time. This is not making the experience of having an ipod an enjoyable one because the device does not function as it is supposed to. I am very disappointed in trying to keep a brand new product in good shape and I am constantly worrying about the moment it will fail to turn on indefinitely. So much for an upgrade :(

  116. Jennifer says:

    Same issue!! This SUX!!!!!!!

  117. Don says:

    This new design is compact and cool but there are many limitations to the new Nano. Chiefly among them is the lack of an “off switch” and the poor battery life. I am suprized that Apple would release a 6TH GENERATION item with so many fundamental issues. Bad Apple.. Bad!

  118. Erik says:

    Well as a 17 yr old my music is always on. I noticed it didn’t turn off and that’s fine. I always charge the IPod while I sleep and as soon as I wake up it in my ear playing music. It lasts from 6:00 to go school until around 11:30ish when I go to sleep. So people do your research there’s an iPod that fits everyones needs. And if you can’t afford one then get a job. Because I have this and the new touch which I use for Internet, facebook, twitter and games. See it’s just a matter of view

  119. Sue says:

    I’m having the same problem not being able to switch it off properly and having to charge it up every other day. I use my iPod to listen to books and podcasts when commuting and at night instead of reading, I had to get another iPod to replace my beloved third generation Nano that the rechargable battery had given up on. I already had a iPod shuffle and I wish I’d used that instead of wasting my money on this thing. I didn’t realise that this iPod could not be used for games or anything much at all but that is my fault for not doing the research.
    It is going back!

  120. Elise says:

    This new ipod nano 6 gen sucks. I am returning mine. I suggest you all do the same.

  121. Munoo says:

    New iPod for friend. First night on full charge. Music off light of yet no charge in d morning . Not happy at all. Screw u!

  122. JMAN says:

    Same problem. Not satisfied with a few features.

  123. John G says:

    What a load of tosh… it has taken me nearly an hours worth of research to find out how to switch of an iPod !!!

    The real correct answer is from Carman No 105 – if the apple logo appears when you re-wake it – it was truly off. No 48 just closes apps down but doesn’t resolve the 36 hr standby issue… By the way it takes 2 seconds to boot up so who cares for 36 hour standby.

    People say get over it and just charge it… the whole point is to have a device that you can travel with (the clue is in the name “portable”) – If I need to charge all the time it’s different the Apple PR about battery life and I bet no one would buy this if Apple published the facts based on the majority of users experience.

    Come on Apple, keeping the sleep button pressed for 10 seconds would make everyone happy and it is no skin of your nose!

  124. Basca says:

    It is possible to turn off entering console mode.
    Hold two volume buttons (left, right) and hold wake / sleep button. Keeping hold three buttons, console screen will appear.
    Choose first option and ipod will shut down completely.

    The tip was from here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPW1xCvNTCo


  125. Büşra says:

    i have the same problem with ipod nano 6.i have it just a week and its charge consumes just 1 hour or a less time.i dont know what to do and i am not sure about turn out the ipod with holding two wolume buttons.it might be harmful for it. what should i do..

  126. Nick says:

    I think this issue might be a little overblown. I have owned my 6th-gen Nano 16gb for about a month, and I can safely say that I have it in action (usually at full-volume in order to play through a casette converter) for about 2 hours a day, and I find it only needs charging about once a week.

    One thing that I can recommend to new 6-gen Nano owners is this: once syncing it up to iTunes, let it charge fully. Next, unplug and use the iPod until the battery is fully depleted, and then it recharge again fully (without interrupting the charge). Then you can at least rest assured that you haven’t unwittingly given your Nano a short “battery memory,” which is the bane of rechargeable batteries.

    To the those of you who have truly developed battery-life issues with your Nanos, I hope you find a reasonable solution! Best of luck.

  127. D says:

    Seriously, has Apple said anything about this yet???? I’m returning mine. Garbage

  128. Din says:

    Maybe you all play with the touch screen the whole time? I left it two continued nights playing till the morning.. And it still had some power left..
    As for the radio, don’t you think that it drains more power?
    Apple said that it lasts for 24hrs long, but maybe playing the way I mentioned above..

  129. Zach says:

    Yes, it’s pretty cool to have, but no on/off button? This makes the battery life totally suck! I can’t listen to the thing for more than 7 hours without the darn thing running out of batter. I’ve charged it over night, and within the first 6 or 7 hours of my day (without even listening to it) it’s already 1/4 out of battery. Unfortunately, I can’t return it because my Grandpa bought it for me. What the heck were you thinking, Apple? You suck!!

  130. Kevin says:

    I can’t believe that i bought this thing now i can’t turn it off.

  131. Jim says:

    Yup. Same thing here. It means you can’t just toss it in a drawer and expect to be able to grab it and go. Totally disappointing. I guess I’ll leave it connected to my computer 24/7, but if the computer is in standby much it will drain anyway (or more quickly).

  132. Rich Burr says:

    Just came across this site…. Glad I did. Use mine for an hour, pause music and put it too sleep and by the next day it’s dead or in need of recharging… If no fix comes, it’s going back.

  133. Louise W says:

    I use the live pause function. I pause in the middle of whatever set I am listening too and then turn the screen off.

    My battery has not gone done at all and has stayed charged for 3 days.

  134. 134th Resonder says:

    Yeah, I charge my nano all the way, and it’s dead within 5 hours… Way to go Apple for making a failure product. I want to return it and get a zune, is it returnable if it has a custom engraving on the back?

    If it isn’t, I’ll never buy an iPod again.

  135. Zodak says:

    i know Ill put it in my pocket just in case I need it or want it and when i pull it out itll be dead its charging right now fo rrthat reason.

  136. Bob Gomez says:


    You’re all a bunch of whiners.


    The youtube video you guys keep pasting is PRIVATE. So I guess you’re idiots, too.

  137. Angelina G.A. says:

    I just got one for my 18th birthday on the 13th and I’m frustrated because I don’t want the battery to die every day. My parents spent a lot of money for me and I don’t want it to go to waste on something that won’t even hold a charge for a day. What was Apple thinking when they didn’t make an on/off option??

  138. Kevin Triplett says:

    Not whiners, the author asked for our experiences and we’re being honest.

    I have the same problem with the device running dead too soon. Not having a power switch or hold/lock function or not shutting off when the headphone plug is removed is a poor user interface, IMO.

  139. admin says:

    To see if we can get some feedback from Apple on this it would be great if you could all sign this petition about on/off function for the touchscreen iPod Nano http://twitition.com/xlx47

  140. chloe says:

    i have found a way to turn it off!
    first you press both volume buttons at the same time then after a second or two you also presas the sleep/wake button you just keep on pressing it even after the apple logo until it will come to a command with white text on it you then release then it will come to a menu with yellow writing you click the sleep/wake button to select the first one which is standby and then it will turn off!!!!
    this may be complicated but it is very efficient!!!

  141. Kristin says:

    Same problem. Lame

  142. Zoe says:

    Hi, after reading all of these, i was very disappointed to see you all had the same problem as me finding how to turn it off. I did notice 2 replies with an answer and im pleased to say it does work. See Chloe above…, it will be very difficult for my daughter to do but it will be charging over night anyway but for the reason of travelling, this has proved very useful. but still amazed Apple didnt automatically put an on/off button as standard like all the other previous generations. thanks chloe

  143. Amy says:

    same problem! Just bought it for my husband for Christmas and I am thoroughly disgusted with this company. Sicne their products are not all that cheap, you’d think they could remember an off button!

  144. gary says:

    Same problem as everybody else.I took one back already. must send a fix for it !!!

  145. Kmonk says:

    Well I just got mine and well I was wondering about the on/off switch till I read this! But hey I have the ihome radio so I guess mine will stay charged over night when it goes on the charger.. I think if we complain it should be about the Iphone!! I no longer have one because of the crap issues it comes with!

  146. Amy Anne says:

    Yeah i tried turning mine off and i thought it did but when i turned it on again it was dead!!! >:(

  147. Abby says:

    I have had the same similar issues as those who posted before me. I love Apple and their products, but I wish I had known about this, and honestly, think that it would still be nicer if the nano had an on/off switch anyhow, since this is eating up my battery life. I’m pretty sure I can’t return mine, since it was engraved, and would love it if apple would come up with some sort of a fix, even if just to appease those of us who forked up the cash for the nano. It’s still cool, just this issue is rather annoying.

  148. Sonia says:

    I wished i would have known about this before purchasing it…Whats the point of buying the new Nano if you have to charge it daily…I am not happy with APPLE right now.

  149. dylan says:

    there is a way to turn it of….. it takes the piss, but it will turn off


    hope this solves you problem, coz i too have got the new nano…

  150. Matt says:

    Guys…….STOP and read this Hold down ALL 3 buttons on top….Until the Apple logo appears..keep holding until you see white lettering…keep holding then once you see yellow writing release the buttons and press the sleep/hold button. it will be turned off after this. then just press sleep/wake again to reboot it!!!! GEEZ

  151. dd says:

    while playing, battery lasts only about 3 hours with a full charge. i’m returning mine.

  152. CJM says:

    Hey,matt thanks good advice it works i was looking online because it wouldn’t shut offf cool. How did u figure this out anyway?

  153. Somebody says:

    I got the iPod nano 6th generation today for Christmas. I was so excited, turned it on, transferred all my music and that was that. It was when I got told to put it away for a while that I realised … “Hey, where’s the power button?” It was pretty confusing and after reading this and some of the comments from you guys, I’m pretty miffed by the fact that you can’t physically turn it off… Like I’m not going to use my iPod for over 36 hours!! Not sure what to do now, will apple re-release it with a power button? And if so will we be able to take them back and trade for a new one?

  154. baskervillain says:

    Got one of these for Christmas and was pretty annoyed I couldn’t switch it off.
    The method mentioned above does seem to work though.
    1. Hold down all 3 buttons on the top, wait for the apple logo and white lettering then yellow lettering to come up.
    2.Select ‘Standby’ from the yellow menu by using the sleep/wake button
    It should be completely off now, you can see this cause the next time you press the sleep/wake button an apple logo should appear, showing that it’s rebooting from the power being off.

  155. Jennie says:

    I am also having the trouble. Just got it, and my i-pod dies very fast. I love it, I just don’t like how long it lasts and the whole thing with the off and on thing. Any way of fixing it?

  156. Smith says:

    IT IS COMPLETE CRAP THAT A COMPANY LIKE APPLE WOULD NOT PUT A POWER OFF/ hold Down to POWER OFF MODE ON THE NANO IPOD 6th generation!!! I hope a new update comes out to fix this crap!

  157. Danielle says:

    I’m having the same problem. It turns on when I put it in my pocket, it makes me mad /:

  158. Connie says:

    I love the new nano – I’ve wanted one for ages and then Christmas came along. I think it’s a wonderful little gadget other than the fact that when I turn it on in the morning a third of the battery was gone. I’m going to use it all day and see how much battery goes and how quickly but so far the only way we seem to be able to overcome this is to charge it al ot – shame really.

  159. Cathy says:

    Thanks Matt, my granddaughter got one for Christmas and hated it, now she can turn it off, so maybe the battery will last longe and make her happier.

  160. Cathy says:

    Thanks Matt, my granddaughter got one for Christmas and hated it, now she can turn it off, so maybe the battery will last longer and make her happier.

  161. Mike says:

    Having same problem. Is Apple working on fixing this issue?

  162. Mike says:

    OK. nevermind. I saw Matt’s comment. Thanks Matt.

  163. Shay says:

    I actually did not have problems with the battery power I just wanted to know if I was turning it off the right way

  164. Jo says:

    Matt’s fix did not work for me. Do you hold down the buttons when the screen is black or when you can see it on? How long do you hold the buttons down?

  165. random bystander says:

    hey matt thanks…i had no idea how did you figure that out?

  166. Another Victim says:

    Bah and humbug. I have had an ipod since the first one came out. It is still working in the Bose dock. Have another two bought in the past year. Thought this would be fun…does not work in my international ipod wall charging kit…looks like I have to buy a wall charger unique for this..do not take a computer on road when travelling..really appreciate the advice from Matt for how to turn off…if it was not a gift would return it..for shame apple..get cracking and give us an on line synch fix..you owe it to us…

  167. Roy says:

    Wow, my first Apple product, $0.00,(it was a gift) trying to figure it out ,3 hours, no on/off button, priceless. Way to go Apple and yes its going back.

  168. Rachie says:

    Dear Matt,

    You are a lifesaver. Thank you so much! I just got this for my 13th birthday (well, this Christmas) from my parents and I was so scared that I was going to have to tell them that I don’t want it because I will have to be so energy-wasteful because it only goes in sleepmode. I knew they were so excited about getting me an ipod so i am so happy that i can keep it because everything else is great! Thanks SOOOOOOOOO much!

    P.S. does anyone know……can it have apps like the ipod touch? i mean the main menu is setup the same way.

  169. Alicia says:

    ahhh im listening to mine right now and i effing love it except the battery problem and i dont want to return it because its filled with music and i like it i cannot believe they just didnt make the sleep/wake button an on/off button i dont know what to do :(

  170. dav says:

    just got the new nano and enjoy it very much. I put it to sleep a couple days ago without tethering the battery charger and still have more than 60% battery life. For those of you have problems with your battery life only lasting 24 hours, it may be because the songs are on play while its on sleep? just remember to pause ur songs b4 it goes to sleep. If not, you should take it to the apple store or at least call customer service

  171. Aha the mystery/ies are solved! says:

    At last!! The myseteries are solved. What a dolt I have been. Or maybe Apple could be a bit more consumer friedly and homest. #1: You have to buy their wall charger that is unique to the nano 6th generation. The other ipod wall chargers do not work. Why not emphasize that so for the gift giver you can purchase it up front and give it as a package? I would have paid extra. Now I am ordering it after the fact. #2 I downloaded the pdf IPOD nano users guide. Not exactly clear that you need to stop playing music or you lose battery power in a mere 12-24 hours. #3 Thanks to Matt for a way to turn off. So Steve Jobs: not everyone is as intuitive as you are. You created it. Give the average consumer some help. There are a lot of unhappy and disappointed people out there on Xmas morning and these few “nano” bits could have helped. Stayed tuned for the next generation.

  172. Naomi says:

    this is so annoying!!
    i loved the design of the ipod and the fact it was a touch screen
    i foolishly assumed the button at the top was a on/off button .
    im very annoyed seeing as i only use my ipod a couple of hours a day. with the old nano the battery would last ages.
    this is soo anooying and beacuse it was a present i cant take it back beacuse my parents would be furious!!
    Apple have seriously messed this model up!!

  173. ECL says:

    my old charger works fine. It’s a long while since I bought it so I don’t remember the model, it may have been a Belkin rather than Apple one. Anyway, it’s a general usb to 3 pin plug connector.

  174. Heather says:

    Press and hold both volume control buttons and the sleep button together for several seconds until screen goes black then shows apple logo (continue holding down buttons entire time) After apple logo loads release buttons and a list of options will appear in yellow text. The first option will be standby, simply press sleep button and your Nano will not respond to touch or shake. To wake back up repress the sleep button!

  175. Ace says:

    i have an ipod nano 6th gen and it looks like apple took all of the games and crap away because it is probally just a tester model for the 7th gen.

  176. chellsie says:

    I have the exact same problem with my ipod nano. I’ll turn it off and it always loses battery charge. It’s just so annoying to have to keep charging it every hour!

  177. Chellie says:

    I just got the new iPod Nano for Christmas. I was surprised that it didn’t turn off, but try not to deal with it much. I don’t have the charger you plug into a regular extension- yet. Mine charges when you plug it into the computer. I use my laptop at least once a day- on Facebook.
    So I just connect it to my laptop and after an hour its already fully charged.
    In the meantime I can download more music or photos on it- or just let it be.
    Then instead if putting pause and then sleep I put on the radio which stops the music, then stop the radio. That way the pause icon won’t show up.
    Then put it in sleep and take out the headphones.

  178. Jim says:

    This “new” power off technique of holding down all buttons on top until the Apple logo appears is in the online manual, although the middle button is not required. It’s called a reset. It’s been around in previous Ipods also. You just pressed the upper part of the inner circle on the clickwheel until the Apple logo appeared. I had to do it several times to get ITunes to recognize the Ipod in older models. Does seem odd that we have to reset it every time to power it off. Might be an effective short term workaround, but I’m hoping Apple comes out with a better long term solution through firmware. This really is an unbelievable usability mistake for such a popular product. You have to figure someone lost a job over this one.

  179. Jon says:

    WOW! Dumbest piece of crap ever!!! Matt you must have your head so far Jobs’ butt that you no longer know what user friendly means. The process you described to turn off a dinky little mp3 player would be like someone taking a tank to kill a mosquito. Complete garbage overkill. Every other player in this world does the obvious to turn something off, and that is to press the “off button.” This piece of crap is going back!!!

  180. Lauren says:

    i just tried what matt did and all my songs deleted and i have to downlode them ALL again, nightmare!!!!!!

  181. Ynotmi says:

    charged mine yesterday, havent used it since. Turned it on today and the battery was flat. What use is that? Come on Apple, this has to be fixed now!!!

  182. Valerie says:

    The only way i can turn off my 6th generation Nano is to reset it. That cant be good right?

  183. josh says:

    If Apple cannot fix the issue with the “iphone,” what makes all of us think they can fix something as complex as the new “Nano.”

  184. Nancy says:

    I just got mine for Christmas………same problem with battery life and no ON/OFF switch. It appears that this problem has existed for several months, and they are still being sold. That’s really sad.

  185. Lily says:

    i just got my ipod for christmas. i am having the same problem with everybody else about not being able to turn my ipod off. i have no idea why they wouldn’t make some kind of on/off button. but it’s wasting a lot of battery and while my battery doesn’t run out right away, i still don’t use my ipod everyday and i do not like to have to charge it everyday. i used to just turn it off when i wasn’t using it to save the battery. I am also having problems stopping the music completely. if anybody knows how to do that…please say something. thank you!

  186. Gary Hulton says:

    I agree with all comments above. I have gone to gym again today and the bloody battery has drained again. This is just stupid.

  187. Emily says:

    you can save your battery by making sure that the music you are playing is on pause. it wont die as quickly

  188. Emeri says:

    I just got one and have had no problem with the battery life. I love it and would recommend it to anyone!

  189. Diane says:

    I agree, I received it for a gift so I don’t feel like I can return it.

  190. Fay says:

    This website is totally correct!!! It really bugs me that you can’t actually turn it off!!! Well just remember to pause your music to save as much battery as possible.

  191. Taylor says:

    I also have issues with the battery it tends to be low after only a few hrs of useage…

  192. caitlin says:

    my ipod dies at the worsts of times and it deeply saddens me

  193. Paul says:

    Yes, Im having the same problem truning the Ipod off..or rather mad that it dosnt have an off button but rather goes in standby for 36 hours and still consuming my battery before shutting off! Fucking Bastards..thanks Steve Jobs..u dick!

  194. maggie reyes says:

    I have the same problem, came here to get some good results and nothing! i’ll go back and return to my old ipod nano and give this one to my husband!! :p

  195. Roger says:

    New iPod Nano will indeed NOT turn off. Thought is was me…

  196. Ron says:

    Trying to convince my mom to be a mac user. She buys the iPhone 4 and it hung up on her all the time. She returned it. She now buys the iPod nano. Always running dead. Now she is returning it. She bought both right away. She feels Apple is coming to market before their products are ready. I did buy her an iPad … She loves it. 1 for 3 isn’t that good!

  197. jun says:

    my ipod nano 6th gen sleep button got stuck and i cant even press the sleep/wake button anymore. need to plug it in so that i can use the product!

  198. kacey says:

    I pause my music than put it on stand by or whatever and when i go to turn it on and listen to my music, my music is already playing and the battery is practically dead.

  199. sophie says:

    Having read you problems after suffering from the same issues myself i found a link on the internet to turn off the ipod


    Having tried and tested this myself i can happily say that this does actually work and turns off the IPOD successfully!!!

  200. Kelly says:

    Yes I have the same problem & might return it, I bought it because my old nano was having battery problems now my new one is….

  201. Raa raa says:

    I just got mine for x-mas and it works fine other than I just charged it an it was half way ful in about 10mins after. It just won’t turn off!! The 36 hour thin sucks bad apple team sorry

  202. brian says:

    i had the same problem,after reading all your complaints i tried again and i found the solution by playing with it a bit. When you hit the off switch at the top hold it down for 5 seconds or untill you see an icon appear that says ….slide to power off then simplly slide the arrow to the right to power off…..Now go and enjoy your new ipod…..I’m just glad i can use it to help everyone…….

  203. Michael says:

    I used to use my old nano or my shuffle for about 2 weeks at the gym for about an hour a day. This new nano is 50% dead after only one hour gym session. I’m going to return it ASAP!


  204. Cj says:

    Don at entry number 48 solved the problem for me (thanks Don). The on/off switch is not the issue (just plug it in each night). The issue is the deep sleep the N6 goes into overnight which appears to be a totally drained battery because you can’t wake the little critter up! But, as Don pointed out, just hold the long switch to the right down along with the down-volume switch and, after a few seconds, it pops back to life. The Nano 6 is my first IPod, so this problem probably isn’t as annoying to me as it would be if I had had an earlier version with an on-off switch.

  205. Mike says:

    I love this thing! I really do not understand all the negative posts. I got the new nano for Christmas and have been listening to it for a week now. Just this morning I got to work after not listening to it for 2 days and it was still fully charged. I have NOT seen the battery drain everyone is claiming to be such a problem. This is my first apple product and I am fairly pleased. The only negative I have seen is that my 2005 car with ipod dock will not charge the new device (it does still play it). Overall, great product.

  206. cheesed off says:

    you are all lucky,
    had an 8gb just over a month and that pesky sleep/wake button collapsed,and i was really careful with it.just tried to take it back and was told gotta wait 2 weeks for apple 2 look at it and decide what 2 do,its a MAJOR design flaw.

  207. Greg says:

    I am having the biggest problem with the battery life on this N6.The sleep button turns of the screen but music always semms to keep playing if you place down somewhere. The only way I am finding to stop the music from playing is to unplug the headphones. Having to charge it everyday sucks. Thats if the darn thing lasts a whole day. It was a christmas gift but going to exchange it, pay the diffrence and purchase the Ipod touch

  208. berkeleywalker says:

    So, I have followed the directions for turning off this device, and they are awkward and inconvenient to say the least! Once more, on my fancy red nano, the text on the screen with all the options is backwards — like looking into a mirror — which wasn’t the case in Matt’s video. It shouldn’t take almost a minute to turn this off. I think I’m taking it back!

  209. Bailey Johnson says:

    my new ipod nano won’t turn off either and after a night of being plugged into the charger, the battery is halfway dead by the end of the day. i don’t see why they would not just put an on/off button.

  210. Bailey Johnson says:

    i honestly don’t see a point in returning the new ipod. it is great and a great size. i know that it can be inconvient to keep charging it but it’s worth it. this one actually has a radio unlike the other ipods. just keep it and deal with having to charge it. all you do is pause your music and hit the sleep button!

  211. Terry W says:

    I bought one of these for christmas and it is brilliant. i have not experienced any of the battery issues anyone above seems to be experiencing.

    All i am doing is listening to the music and when the battery goes to about 4% i place it on charge until the battery has been 100% for around 30mins+

    it has been lasting 1.5 to 2days between charges unless i mess with it all the time having the screen active and with high brightness at which point i can get to 4% battery pretty quick. But i always have my charger with me and never charge until it is at its lowest point, as this damages the battery life.

    But to be fair to apple, the size of the thing and what it does is brilliant and to expect the battery life to be anything spectacular is just fantasy.

  212. nicolette says:

    i bought this ipod solely for use in my car

    id like to be able to plug it in and play while im in the car
    and then pause it and go about my day when im not in the car
    and come back and still be able to use the ipod

    this battery thing is BS
    in all honesty, how could apple overlook something like this?
    its not benefiting them at all….they dont work for the electricity company thats powering my computer to constantly charge my nano
    and now we’re all upset and returning them

    very veryyy disappointed

  213. Sue says:

    Hi, I got mine for Christmas and loved it, until I realised it wouldn’t switch off and doesn’t appear to have an alarm clock or many of the features of my lovely old one. It was from HMV and I have the receipt, does anyone know if I can return it and upgrade it to an ipod touch? I’m going to ask them tomorrow but I don’t know what my rights are and it would be interesting to hear of anyone elses experience taking theirs back. I have tried the 3 button thing to turn it off but can’t always do it and anyway, it shouldn’t be so hard to turn it off, none of my others have been difficult. I’ve been a huge ipod fan up til now……

  214. Jen says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnQhV8VtLC4 – this youtube video explains how to turn it off. Hope this helps!

  215. John says:

    Yes THERE IS A SOLUTION…but it’s still a piece of crap. If you hold down the volume down button and at the same time with your other hand (yes it takes BOTH hands), hold down the larger “pause” button, in about 7 seconds the volume will shut off. Then you have to press the larger button again to turn off the monitor/light for the screen. Wow..all of that just to shut off this dinky little piece of crap. Afterwards your fingers will hurt a little.

    Here is the PROBLEM with all of this. I bought this about 1 week ago…and it has taken me a WEEK to figure this out. No…I’m not dumb. It just didn’t seem logical at first, I mean..EVERYTHING has an on/off button doesn’t it? I’m returning it this weekend…and waiting for a fix to this ridiculous problem. It’s like buying car and then finding out you have to go out to the front of the car and turn this little crank thing to get it started. Our technology geeks must be going back in time.

  216. John says:

    Ignore my post above. After looking at the video Jen provided it seems that the REAL way to shut it off is even more time-consuming and tedious. Also I think you have to go through the same garbage to turn it back on. Terrible, terrible design.

  217. Sue says:

    Where are you taking it back to and do you know if the shop will take it back because of what is essentially a design flaw? I am so disappointed with it, I loved my old one and this one is nowhere near as good :(

  218. Chrystyna says:

    Epic FAIL Apple.

    A reset is not a substitute for ON/OFF. In addition, needing a new wall charger just for this iPod? The MANDATORY autodimming combined with touch on such a small screen is very annoying too…especially as someone when you want to flip to the next song.

    Come ON! I wish I had known this before I bought this iPod (my fifth…generation 3 is by FAR the best but doesn’t/didn’t come larger than 8GB) wish I had known/thought to look before I bought this POS. It’s going back ASAP.

  219. Rikkii says:

    I bought the 6G nano on Dec. 26 and have things I love and have things I hate about it. I listen to music all day everyday and thought it would be more convinient to have an iPod that clipped on, but I needed 16GB because I have so much music. I was upset when I realized that this nano doesn’t turn off, but if you plug it in for a few hours before you go to bed and then unplug and turn off your computer at night, there isn’t really a battery issue. I think apple lied when they said there’s a 24 hour battery life on it becuse I listen to it all day and I HAVE to charge it at the end of the night or I wouldn’t have any battery. If you’re getting this nano, do your research or just deal with it.

  220. Sheila says:

    YES I am having problems with the battery life apparently due to the fact that you can’t turn it off and the power drains. I have fully charged it 2x only to find it completely dead the very next morning (after no use at all). I got this for the portability and travel needs – no can do if the nano has to be tethered to a computer 24/7 to work at all. For pete’s sake, my old Sandisk player hasn’t been charged in months and still plays! This could really use an on/off button or an easy way to manually put it in deep sleep without power drain.

    The jury is still out – I am giving it one more try with all the online suggestions I have read. One more fail and it is going back to the store.

  221. Jules says:

    The battery life is awful! I used it at the gym for a total of 3 hrs over 2 days and the battery was nearly dead. Apple needs to make it right — lots of people have spent lots of money on this product. I’ve had shuffles previously and never had any issues. I’m extremely disappointed with the 6th generation nano.

  222. Vonn says:

    This feels like the Emperor’s New “Nano” how could all those brilliant Apple minds agree to Not include a simple on/off switch—so disappointing!

  223. Vicki says:

    Well I’m glad to see that I am not so technologically challeged after all! I’m 51 and thought maybe I’d get into the 21st century with an ipod. So excited to get it for Christmas but could not for the life of me figure out how to turn it off! Did try Matts suggestion but lost all my music so had to redo that. Wish it was a little easier for us old folks!

  224. Paula says:

    I got one for Xmas and I have the same problem of u guys. But this video helped me a lot:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnQhV8VtLC4
    U just have to press the volume bottoms and the sleep bottoms not at the same time but together then u’ll see the little apple and a few words like standby, power . . . and u just have to press the wake/sleep bottom on standby and ur ipod will be turned off. :)
    PS: If u press the tree bottoms and come back to the homepage of ur ipod, try it again, that was because u didn’t press it right. :D
    Xoxo. ;*

  225. Heather says:

    I have been experiencing this issue since I received mine as a gift in December. I use my touch for work and have been frustrated with it dying every 3 hours. It makes it difficult to work at my job without music. I do love the features though. If the opportunity of a fix comes along and Apple can help with that, it would be wonderful if they can offer that fix to it’s loyal customers.

  226. Wendy says:

    I really don’t like that I can’t turn it off and that the battery is eaten up so fast. I wish to God I had not gotten it engraved so I could return the darn thing. What a waste of good money!

  227. charlie says:

    I recieved an ipod nano for my b-day and no matter how many times i put it on my ipod dock or charger it looses its battery within an hour. I plug it in before i go to bed and when i wake up it says it is full, however, it will say ‘low battery’ by 2nd period, even though it had 9 hours of charging.

  228. Gisele says:

    Not only does the battery not last long, but it won’t remember my bookmarks if I’m listening to an audio book. I’m quite disappointed and am glad I didn’t pay for it. I won mine in a contest. I’m going back to my old Nano. It works fine.

  229. Monica says:

    I got an ipod nano for my birthday its been driving me crazy! How hard is it to put an on/off switch on the freaking thing? I have to charge it constantly.

  230. Hannah says:

    TOTALLY HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM i use it when i go to school and on the way back which means it must be left on through the day which again means by the time i am home it is almost out of charge prefer the last ipod nano by far.
    This ipod needs an off button

  231. Hannah says:

    oops forgot can u return them if they have music on and have been used

  232. Hannah says:


  233. Anica says:

    um…guys…just youtube your problem. i just got mines last week and the battery was bothering me.

    then i youtubed it and it made total sense!

    just hold down the volume buttons and the sleep/wake button(at the same time) and the apple sign will appear.

    after that there will be a menu, press the sleep/wake button on the 1st choice.

    there, nano is off. :D

    by the way, you can tell it is off because when you press the sleep/wake button again, the apple appears! :D

  234. Anna says:

    this does work just takes practice just watch the video —->


  235. Gadget_Junkie says:

    Yep same 6th gen nano Australian model.,if I take mine off charge
    @ 100% full batt.,by the evening it’s dead and that’s with half that time playin
    Music.,all u can do is
    “hold the sleep/wake” & the “volume -” for a reboot
    Be nice if u could slide power off like my iphone
    OS update will be good

  236. Bill says:

    Received the 6th gen nano and the battery constantly needs to be charged. This issue must be fixed. I use this daily in my gym routine, work, etc. I cannot keep worrying about battery life when its in sleep mode because it still using a lot of the life.

  237. Matt says:


    I have the same issue. After leaving it in “standby” mode overnight, I have a small red sliver of battery life left. What a massive oversight by Apple.

  238. katy says:

    i had now idea how to turn it on or off till i read this. after to turns off will lose battery?

  239. katy says:

    my ipod has lase then 24h

  240. fred says:

    I personally believe that this is a major design fault in the new ipod touch nano, I believe it would be appropriate if this design fault was told when purchasing the item to inform customers of the lack of thought put into battery life. As some members of the society we live in today do not feel they have the ability to have a voice in complications such as this, I am therefore speaking on behalf of the people around us and in fact the world, including the younger generations and the older ones. I have come to the conclusion it is undermining and highlights the lack of intelligence in the electronic world today.
    Mr apple, shame on you

  241. Jessica says:

    I got this iPod for Christmas, and I’ve never been an Apple/Mac fan, but I hoped this would change my view…it hasn’t. Why would you make a touch screen item that you can’t turn off, that’s ridiculous. I bring mine to work, fully charged in the morning at 8, then dies around 2. Not even 7 hours of battery life. Very disappointed.

  242. Applee! says:

    Tengo el ipod nano y no tengo ni idea de apagarlo! y SI te come la bateria, porque yo me lo llevo para ir a la uni, lo “apago” y cuando vuelvo le queda 1 rallita, tengo que ir a devolverlo o que pasa?! :O

  243. kylie says:

    My nano was fully charged at 6 am this morning and it has been paused and on “sleep” the whole time, it now only has a forth of the battery left, and at this point I can’t return it since I go it for christmas.

  244. wal says:

    I have the same problem on post #197. Sleep/wake button of the ipod nano 6th gen got stucked and can no longer wake up my unit, unless I have to plug it in. What a pity. Can this be repaired?

  245. Lexy says:

    i recently got the new nano and have no idea what to do, i’m not home very often so i can’t charge it and it runs out quick. i want to return it but i lost the receipt. its so useless

  246. Spencer says:

    Just bought mine yesterday and ran into the same problem. Here is the solution. You need to push down all three buttons at once. Now select standby. Here is a Utube video that demonstrates: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnQhV8VtLC4 Enjoy your new nano!

  247. Maren says:

    Yep! That’s EXACTLY why i searched this question. The battery runs low when I’m not able to turn it fully off! It’s really annoying! Don’t know how many different ways of pushing every button I’ve tried, but in the end I figured it would be easier to look it up on the internet…. What fails is that not even the internet can help me… becauase there IS NO F* BUTTON to turn it off! Do something about it, Apple!


  248. Colin says:

    Wow, thanks Spencer, follow the instructions in the utube video and it shuts down completely! I have been on the phone to apple technical support for at least 40 mins about the battery drain issue and not being able to completely turn it off. All she came up with was take it back to an apple store! Really useful!! Thanks again Spencer for the video link it has solved all my problems.

  249. vicky says:

    Got the new Nano for Christmas. Loved the design great for running. Went out for a 30 min run on New Years eve and used up half of the battery life. Recharged it. Just been to the gym (yes I’m crap at exercising!). Was there for an 1 hour and I only have a 1/4 of the battery left. I’m really worried about taking this on holiday because it wont be very useful. My 3rd generation i pod lasted days.

  250. Mat says:

    I charge my ipod at night, and the next day the battery is at less than 25 %. Something is definitely not right with this major defect, and the moron or group of morons at apple needs to be fired for not incorporating a on/off device on this ipod. I’m sorry Apple, that’s just common sense…

  251. Charleyy says:

    140 – this is an important number look at Chloe’s Comment, it works!
    so thankyou so very much Chloe amazinggggg:)

  252. J-F says:

    I have the same problem and I always have to charge it !!!! I am probably returning mine because of this… I hope they will fix this for the next generation… Not very good for energy conservation also!!!

  253. valentina says:

    so to get this strait it cannot be turned off and will the battery be damaged if I charge it often ???? :)

  254. Dane Plock says:

    It is a $180 engraved paperweight……Will never buy Apple again…This thing is useless. If it sits around for a day its dead. Bought for my girlfriend for xmas and she hates it. Thx for blowing our xmas!

  255. ernesto says:

    I have this ipod and i do not have this issue.
    When i put it in sleep mode it last all night even longer sometimes last
    all day when i am awake.
    i think its a great product.

  256. DINA says:

    Hi, I’m 11 and I got one for Christmas. The whole problem of trying to turn it off really frustrated me. After I started to use my nano, I realised that the battery can last for a whole week if you remember to turn off the screen when you listen to a song. I find them really great although there is one problem… I was listen to it for about 3 hours and then it suddenly stopped working! The music wouldn’t start and I couldn’t hear anything. With the earphones still on me I unplugged the earphones for the nano itself and I heard the electrical thingy fizzing! I think that they should have made a fan on the inside of the nano because it heats up very quickly! Somebody, please solve my problem!

  257. Dre says:

    The power button on my new ipod nano touch is broken. i cant turn it on or off. the only time it turns on is when i plug it in to charge. the power button wont come bak up. is there anyway i could fix it?

  258. WLCit says:

    I just got the new Nano for a gift and am not happy with the fact that every time I go for a run it’s almost dead! I make sure to charge it then I put it in my gym bag and by evening it has used most of the battery…is there anything that I can do?

  259. AndyT says:

    I cannot BELIEVE Apple with this issue. Maybe they should have re-routed a few of the employees working on the box design to actually using and testing the unit. The whole POINT of a Nano is ease and portability, for which (like laptops) efficient battery usage is a massive selling point. My old shuffle lasts longer, which to me is more important than the touch screen functionality.

    The battery life on the new Nano is AWFUL and they should have invested more of their (considerable) resources into fixing this before releasing it.

  260. Edith says:

    I cant not believe my nano 6th has no on off switch. Who is the genius that decided that was a good idea? Have had it a week and have had to charge it 3 times already what a pain. Standby still drains the battery. Come on Apple you should be smarter then that.

  261. John J says:

    How the **** do you forget to add an off button to a device????

  262. Celyn says:

    My Mum and I both had this new ipod for Christmas, my Mum using hers for running, and me just wanting a cool new ipod to show off to my friends. But obviously it isn’t cool as it doesn’t turn off. The Apple website says that this ipod “intelligently manages the ipod’s battery power” which isn’t true. I was between getting a 5th gen for Christmas but I decided I wanted this one, I wish I had chosen the 5th gen now. I’ve definatly learnt for next time. I hope Apple gets complaints.

  263. Jeff M says:

    I just got the Nano 6th Gen – kinda cool with the touch screen, but it’s too small, it can’t be turned off and the battery life is pathetic! What were they thinking??? I’ll be returning mine and looking for a non-Apple option!

  264. TC Alcorn says:

    The only solution seems to be the one already mentioned:holding and holding untl the operating system appears and pressing the sleep button.

    Anyone else worried about tampering with the operating system?

  265. Juneybug says:

    Bought this fior my daughter’s Xmas. It spends most of its life charging. Not happy at all………………….please find an easy solution SOON!!!!

  266. hulo44 says:

    GODD why wont itTURN OFFF???? thats bullll

  267. Erik says:

    Just bought the nano, I understand it wont turn off but when its fully charged all i get is 6 hours of song life, i cant even get in a full day at work without charging it. Im guessing I got a bad battery already. thanks apple ur great…. at let downs

  268. Alissa says:

    Ya, I really wanted mine to trun off, but it doen’t. it’s really making me mad at the fact that i can’t turn it off

  269. Shane says:

    I returned my first 6th Gen because it would not hold at all.
    The other problem with the second one is that the battery is dead the next day.
    This is incredibly stupid not to put an off button on his device!
    I’ve had every IPod and this one is the screw up of the bunch.
    I’m so disappointed in Apple for releasing this small piece of shit.
    It’s going right back to Apple.

  270. Todd says:

    I recieved an ipodo nano this last christmas and I couldn’t for the longest time find where the on/off button was; then I realized there wasn’t any and that my battery would only hold charge for a day if that( due to not being able to shut off) and I only listen to my ipod maybe for an hour each day if that. Apple says that it’s battery life is 24hours of playing time and that is definitly not the case. Why isn’t there an on/off swithch like all the other ipods, I mean c’mon the ipod shuffle( which is smaller) even has one. Is this going to be a problem than is going to get fixed or not?? Apple doesn’t even advertise about their standby mode and that it shuts off after 36 hours of not being used in the instruction manual!!!! I mean c’mon for people who use it about once a day of a small period of time during that day, it means their ipod is on all the time!!!!!!

  271. jorge says:

    My ipod’s battery only lasts for 6 hours. No matter how much time i charge it the battery will drain very fast which is getting me very mad

  272. jorge says:

    and yeah about the ipod not turning off is getting me very mad too.

  273. Anezka says:

    I bought my 6th gen iPod Nano last monday and didn’t have problems with battery. Ok, there’s no on/off button, but the sleep is working good for me. I use to play 8 hours/da of music and I have to charge it every 2 days. I don’t think it’s so bad.

  274. Gloria says:

    i hate my ipod 6G. i can’t listen to it for any extended period of time –a couple of hours– before it goes low. What consumer action can we take against Apple regarding their battery-life claim? After making the false claim, Apple should not be allowed to keep our dollars. For sure, Apple could have made a much better 6g than they did. What’s the point of generating a newer version that’s of poorer quality than the previous generations?

  275. Mike W says:

    I’m having the same issue. Seems like everytime that I want to use my Nano the battery is dead. This is a major miss by apple.

  276. Sophie says:

    I bought the Ipod on the 1st of October 2010, in Saturn, Bruges, Belgium.
    Had the problems with the battery-life, so I had to make sure it was reloaded every time before I went running. Very annoying, because I have other things to think about.
    2 weeks ago, the sfuffle function didn’t work anymore, so I had to listen to the same song all the time. Very boring, so I started listening to the radio, which is OK, but I didn’t buy an ipod to listen to the radio. After a couple of days it died completely!!! I returned it to the store, where they said it was a sotware problem (resetting didn’t work) and they had to send it away to fix it.
    Today I got an email telling me that I had to pay 239,40 euro!!!! to repare. I paid 156 euro for the Nano, so why should I pay 240 to repair it! I can only see this a s a very bad joke! I will now buy an MP3 player for 18euro…

  277. Mark says:

    I have alway’s considered myself a smart shopper, but this is the first time I have been really taken for a ride. Purchased combo set IP90 (radio + docking station) and an Ipod nano 8gb for a total of $130. Great deal until I could not find the on/off switch and after perusing manual on line, found this web site. I cannot believe all the complaints,this is my second Apple product, the first was the original MP3, which was provided as a gift, evidently the last Apple product I will purchase.

  278. Euclecio says:

    I’m having the same problem,
    the battery is running out…..
    I’m from Brazil…. what can I do with this?

  279. Karen Conger says:

    I have been struggling with the same issues. Not only is it frustrating not to be able to turn it off. Especially when my battery is dead the next time I try to use my Nano. But having the music continue to play creates a distracting background. I had to get out of bed to figure out what the strange noise was the other night. Thinking about returning for a Shuffle

  280. Jez says:

    I want to use mine mainly for the radio – but it keeps cutting out after 30-40 seconds. Furthermore i can only rarely get any reception anyway – even though i am in are where i should get good reception. And yes, i do have the headphones plugged in. I can find nothing on the support site that advises what to do – anyone got any ideas ?

  281. Meris says:

    I just bought a nano and it has not held its full charge for more than 5 hours at a time. I’m getting pretty worried that this was a very poor investment. Why in the world did apple think it was a good idea to prohibit users from TURNING OFF A DEVICE?! Any suggestions? anyone?

  282. bailey says:

    Mine was a Christmas gift and we’re returning it tonight; sux big time as I did like its other features but it is totally impractical. Apple needs to fix this. I’m hoping I l can still get the 5th generation and have no issues.

  283. Kimberly says:

    At first I thought I was going crazy.. I mean.. How can I not figure out how to shut this thing off? Everyone that has an IPOD product, even the APPLE employees said.. HOLD DOWN THE BUTTON and it will shut off. Yeah, sure…. After weeks; I finally called Apple support and they indeed told me what you guys are saying here. How stupid to make a product without a power button? I love this nano but I hate that the battery dies on me. I wrote a letter to Apple, but that does me no good on this electronic. This frustration is crazy when all it would have taken was a power button-returning it is not even an option now since I have owned it for a few weeks. Soooo frustraiting…

  284. Kimberly says:

    If anyone starts a class action suit on this product.. Don’t forget to include me—–

  285. Cheryl Mills says:

    Same problem. No using the IPOD Nano leaves it with a dead battery. I expect to charge the battery and the unit to be ready when I am. This is really an inconvenience.

  286. Kristen says:

    I was under the impression that Apple made really good, albeit expensive, products.
    Just bought two of these darn things, one as a gift (engraved so it can’t be returned). First thing I noticed, it did come with headphones (not advertised; I was surprised to find them and was expecting to use an old pair), and no user’s guide. Next, I realized that it wouldn’t turn off and the battery life is not as long as Apple claims it should be. What a disappointment! I feel deceived.
    Thanks, Apple. You just took a byte out of me!

  287. j Thompson says:

    same problem got new nano so i can train with the NIKE sensor. i need to charge every day its a pain if i am at work as if need nano in the evening it is out of charge

  288. JIM says:

    All, this product is a f***ing joke. If you are willing to p**s around pressing all three button and having to drop down to the os mode the you have more money than sense. I certainly am not. This product isn’t fit for purpose. It’s sub-standard, cheap s**t and Apple are laughing at you. Go figure


  289. LYN says:

    same problem as all the other customers
    deeply disappointed in my nano which is used for my cross country running and also training in the snow bound hills of scotland
    not much fun when my music ends upruptly !!!!

  290. Kevin says:

    Had a shuffle for 2 years,no problems at all.
    Got the new nano as a christmas present. So pleased at first. However, it is now unusable.3 times have gone to the gym having fully charged it the night before and the battery has been dead!!!
    have contacted Apple , who are sending me a new one. They claim that they are not aware of any significant issues with this product! Will wait & see if the new unit has the same fault, but having read everyone’s comments I’m not hopeful!
    Would advise redirecting all of our comments to apple.com/feedback

  291. Styraman says:

    this latest i-pod 6th generation is simply a piece of junk with battery life that is horrible due to the fact that you cannot turn it off. Even operating it is tricky and complicated, the only solution is not to buy it or give it back as long as you can!

  292. kdofnorthwales says:

    Holding down the button for 10 seconds does nothing more than pressing it down for one second. It just puts it into sleep mode.

  293. Kimberly says:

    Does anyone know if you can return this item after having it a month? I am so freakn mad that the battery keeps dying.. I am typing this right now because it keeps saying LOW battery.. If it was to last 24 hrs.. WHY am I getting low battery when I charged it last night.. this is crap.. I love this thing, but hate the battery!!! A power button….that is all it needed..

  294. Kristofferson says:

    Well, to be honest, I haven’t run into this problem at all. My iPod requires no charging for long periods of time, and the sleep mode does not decrease the battery.

    Only one time did it need charge, and that was after two days of usage. Maybe an update to its new OS will assert the problem and give the option to shut it off.

  295. Orion says:

    I love the new 6g nano, it’s great, but unfortunately I’ve had this problem too.

    It seems to be intermittent. I use the nano for running, and run on average every 3-4 days and don’t touch it in between.

    Most times when I go to use it, the battery is still full or around 80-90% which is fine, but sometimes I turn the nano on and the battery indicator is a single red pixel and about to die.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out why it happens sometimes and not others. I’m always careful about turning it off, etc :-(

    Hopefully a patch is coming soon

  296. Kimberly says:

    Orion..You can’t be shutting it off.. the new NANO does not have a power off button..

    So crazy that they made it without a power button. I love this thing too but hate it because it’s dead when I go to use it despite being in standby for the night-

  297. Elizabeth says:

    Dumb. 36 hours is a ridiculously long time to stay in stand by mode before it shuts off automatically. One hour seems more practical. I hate how often I have to charge it…

  298. Shain Dollar says:

    Iv been haveing the same problem as everyone else, it sucks because i love the new look, and features. But i hate that after i get done working out i have to make sure i put it on the charger for my next days workout.

  299. Bummed Out! says:

    I got the Ipod Nano to use for my long work outs…3 plus hours skis. Funny, this little gadget doesn’t last a half hour. I will bring it back to Walmart and get my $$ back.

  300. Phillip Gosch says:

    Yes, I am having the same issue. I have to charge my Nano Touch every other day in order to take it with me to the gym.
    Hopefully there will be a fix for this issue soon!!!!!

  301. Jory says:

    Just turn the brightness all the way down and keep the screen off. It lasts me at least a few days like this. Sometimes even a week

  302. Laura says:

    I bought mine just over a week ago. I am really disappointed. The charge went down to about a third after only a couple of tunes and was dead within a couple of hours. I returned it, less than week after buying it, but was told they they would have to test it first before returning my money, therefore implying that I am at fault in some way. Interestingly, I bought it from one of Oxford Street’s biggest department stores and they said they had received not other complaints. I find this surprising as there seem to be a lot of people experiencing the same problem.

    Now I am without an ipod and without the money to buy another one. I’m really disappointed because I loved my shuffle and was hoping for better things with the nano. Its pretty costly too for something that doesn’t work properly!

  303. Fabio says:

    Bad news! Yesterday was the death of my Nano! I bought in the last november and now, the battery not recharge more! I will have buy a new battery for turn on again!

  304. George says:

    I bought the nano and a griffin “Slap” watch band style case…so my nano is now my portable mp3 music source and my watch….coolest thing ever…ppl ask to see it up close like 10 times a day…battery issue is minor, as far as I’m concerned…we charge stuff all day every day…phones, computers, etc…just make sure the player isn’t playing songs in the background when headphones aren’t plugged in and it’s not in use…that does happen and drains the battery much faster…other than that, I have found that one 10-15 minute boost charge is all my nano needs during my day to keep it going all day, and an evening/overnight full charge sets me up for the following day….copy?

  305. ANDYB says:

    Had my nano two months , fitted it with protected cover and used it for running and in work hooked up to a stereo, today after the end of my shift at work pressed the standby button on the top of the nano nothing happened, found out the button on top is not moving in and it feels something has broke inside the nano.The nano was not being abused just laying on my work area, i hope i can get a replacement or refund when i return it to the shop. Are apple more intrested in quantity and sales and less worried about their product quality?

  306. Bernard says:

    I fully charged the Nano after downloading all my songs. Went to work in the morning and the damn thing was dead 9 hours later. WTF?
    Who was the design genius that thought no on/off button was a good idea?
    I’ll give it one more shot, then back it goes to Best Buy.

  307. Karon says:

    I just got my new nano for a Valentines gift and I found I have the same problem. I love it, but I’m not impressed that it uses so much battery life because I can’t shut it off. Putting it in sleep mode continues to use the battery and now I have to recharge it only after a full charge from last night. I’ll try the 10-15 minute boosts… to see if that’ll work for now.

  308. JON says:

    I’ve been having the same battery life problem. buyer beware. Thanks Steve, you won’t burn me again next time.

  309. Kimberly says:

    Apple customer relations was awesome!!! Walmart took my nano back after the 15days expired, I didn’t have a reciept since my daughter gave it to me for a gift at Christmas. I got a Walmart card and at the same time got the IPOD SHUFFLE… folks the $49 Shuffle has an ON/OFF button!!!

    I used it yesterday..shut it off.. using it now and its still at 75% life. This little shuffle is cute… Sure it doesn’t have the screen like the new nano and I would have kept the nano if it had a power button. That dead battery issue is a big thing to remember to plug it in all the time. Your cell phone is hard to forget to plug in because you use it and live by it for day to day living. Your cell has a power off button as well..

    I think that with all the returns on a perfectly good product besides not having a power button will in deed wake Apple up that a power button is a good idea.

    Good luck everyone,.. I am totally happy now with my new shuffle =)

  310. Nate says:

    my ipod nano was working fine sure the battery life was alot shorter then i expected but being a young kid that wasnt a problem because i could charge it frequently, but now my ipods screen is acting up. it will turn on but the screen remains blank and it lights up as a light greyish color. I havent had any significant drops with it seeing as i got it for christmas so i know i havent damaged it. what should i do? does anyone know how to solve my screen problem?

  311. Brooke Bryan says:

    this sucks. battert dies so quickly.

  312. michelle says:

    My ipod loses almost all of its battery life when in standby mode, after I left it to charge for an entire day before. I just want to know what Apple is planning on doing about this???

  313. David says:

    You people are all retards… 1st, who gives a shit? Its a 100 dollar toy. Use it charge it, so what? 2nd, Go to settings and disable the Live Pause feature like it says in the INSTRUCTIONS!!! H8

  314. Alexander says:

    Yep, if you ask me, this is a fatal flaw with the model. I’m kind of annoyed. It also randomly turns on in the middle of the night and starts playing.

  315. DONNY WALLACE says:

    Hey I can’t turn this thing off… HELP!!!!! My battery is dead again. I’m going to take it back to my Apple Store and get them to get me one that isn’t broken.

  316. J Willett says:

    I too am not a satisfied customer. I didn’t get what I paid for and by the time I came to this conclusion I had wasted DAYS trying to get technical support. Sure this device is cute but it doesn’t turn off and won’t keep a charge. I would have kept using my earlier model but my notebook couldn’t support it. How can a manufacturer make a product that doesn’t even have an off swicth? How can they justify selling it without any real tech support? I tried to get a manual by going to the site suggested but was giventhe run around while they got my e-mail address with which to spam me with. I tried to call tech support, but was put on hold with no futher feedback–musac or anything for an hour and counting. I’m so mad I could spit!

  317. Amy says:

    I have two iPods: one for work which is a 5th generation and a 6th generation to use for my workouts. I loved the smaller, clip-on feature — no more looking for places to put my iPod while I work out and no more arm bands. But I want to go back because every time I go to work out, my 6th generation is dead! My kids are experiencing the same thing. In a house that has seven iPods — we’re keeping up with the technology — I’m really regretting spending all this money for iPods that don’t improve with upgrades but trades in old problems for new ones. UGH!

  318. Robert says:

    I was going to get the nano 6th gen but know i see all these bad comments, and i dont want to get it anymore, apple YOU SUCK.

  319. Heather Okeley says:

    Love everything about the New nano but the battery life.

  320. Michael Morgan says:

    Same problem. Unfortunately I took my brand new ipod nano on a week long trip and it did not even make it one day. I figured that it would last all week like my other ipod’s so I did not bring the charge cord. I am shafted, the rest of the week will be filled with boring exercise and down time. Wish I would have read this blog before I assumed.

  321. Rezonate says:

    Hi folks, today Apple released an update for the 6th gen (software version 1.1) that lets you actually hold the sleep/wake button for a few seconds and totally power down the Nano. You can also set one of the music setting to let that button double click to the next track, or double click to play/pause. I for one am excited to know Apple is still at least thinking about this product. It would be great to have calendars, notes, contacts, alarms, a calculator, other clock faces (for those of us who use it as a watch), and maybe video. As far as the battery drain goes, I discovered a couple days after getting mine set up that the PEDOMETER is what drains the battery. With the pedometer turned off I went from needing a charge every 12 hours to only needing one a couple times per week. Don’t much need a pedometer always on anyway. Something for you to try – turn it off and see if your battery life gets better. Enjoy!

  322. kailyn says:

    ughhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! same prob i ride the bus every wed. i dont know anybody on there so i charge my 6 generation ipod the nite b4.i’ll leave in sleep mode during school and by the time im out of school and on the bus its battery is wiped out !!
    apple needs to fix that i would not return my new ipod for ANYTHING but its a problem they need to fix…FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  323. admin says:

    Apple has released a software fix for this issue now. Read more about it at the top of the article. They took a long time getting there, but at least it should now be fixed. Feel free to let us know if you experience any other issues following this software upgrade.

    • Jen says:

      Do you know if there is a way to turn the iPod’s screen off without turning the iPod off? I want the screen off, but the music playing. Thanks!

  324. Joe says:

    Just bought a new 6th generation Ipod Nano to replace a 4th generation Nano that had front control issues, however, it worked perfectly in my car using the JVC head unit and Ipod interface. The new unit doesn’t charge or shut off in the car using the same 30 pin Ipod interface. it will run until the battery is fully discharged, and it doesn’t charge at all in the car using the Ipod interface.

    Apple’s position is, if it works with the PC or Mac, then it is working as intended. Apple’s states that my issue is with JVC.

    After contacting Crutchfield where I bought the radio and Ipod interface, they tell me that Apple has changed the pin configuration on the Ipod interface connector, and that JVC is in the process of furnishing new cables, however, back ordered. I’m just wondering if all of the other Ipod interface 3rd parties are having the same problem. To be very honest, i’m very dissappointed in Apple, and their smug position.

  325. I HATE APPLE says:

    Hi i have bought the NEWWWWW ugly ipod nano touch
    and DUDE it doesnt even last for 30 mins OMG apple california u liars apple is over for me bye

  326. teresa says:

    really annoyed, fnally got an ipod after everyone else in my family having gen 5 and my husband has 2 classics. thought i would be smart and get the gen 6….WRONG, wont stay charged, wont turn off. Everytime i go to use it, its flat. Got it just after christmas and thought i was not using it properly, until i read all the complaints on this site and many others. do shops take them back if you have had them a couple of months?? i have used this once…on new years day, every other time i want to use it its flat and it takes so long to charge. the guy at the shop wasnt very helpful either, there is no video and can put movies on it, these were 2 things i specifically asked for when i purchaed it. going to now try and get myself a gen 5

  327. Lucas Souza says:

    Acho inadmissível que este botão não venha ter utilidade! Fala sério! ….Erro de design ..e feio!

  328. eric says:

    my nano’s face shifted side ways and wont go back upright, how do i fix that?

  329. CarCar says:

    I got an ipod nano 6th generation of christmas and i have run in to the exact same problem. Ushually when itunes wants to have me download a new version of itunes., it pops up. This new 1.1 has not popes up. Should i be consourned?

  330. Sahil says:

    Battery life sucks pathetically man! :@

  331. Jen says:

    I do like my new 6th gen ipod, but like everyone else have run into concerns with the no off button dilema.

    I have been “updating” my ipod with the 1.1 version (apples apparent answer) for 12 hours now and it is still going, so i cannot do anything else with itunes while this is going on. How long should it take? 12 hours is rediculous, and i have to go to work later. I am guessing that it will still be “updating” when i am back tonight. Surely this is not right?

  332. Sarah says:

    Yeah, this happened to me i am incredibly angry as i got it for a christmas present. I find that i cant listen to my ipod without plugging it into something (like a radio or computer) because otherwise the battery runs out quickly. It is annoying. Really the ipod nano touch should have a turn off button rather than a sleep/wake button. Also my screen has gone sideways and wont change back. Another annoying problem is that the songs will only play individually rather than song after song. Even if i click shuffle it doesnt seem to work. I am in love with this ipod but sadly concerned with the buttons.

  333. Sarah says:

    If you screen has changed position,
    then drag the screen from left to right or up then down until it can’t go further and then drag the screen diagonally.

    It may seem complicated but with a few tries (like me) your screen will be back to normal.
    The other thing i need to figure out is how to turn it off , the methods above from chloe didnt work and now ive got blistered fingers :/

  334. Star33452 says:

    My husband bought me this as a Christmas present becuase i like working out and listening to music. After I opened it up and started to play with it I relazed that this thing did not have a on/off button so I tried and tried to shut this stupid thing off and got really fustrated at it. I then asked my husband if he knew how to shut it off. After holding down the sleep button for like an hour, this thing still wont shut off. I am very fustrated with this product and hope that Apple does something about it.

  335. Courtney says:

    This Ipod is a disappointment I tried to listen to my music this morning and of course! It is dead!!! Apple needs to get a power off button for the generation of the Ipod Nano!

  336. Jen says:

    It’s very simple. I had problems at first, but when you plug it in DO THE UPDATE to version 1.1. Then when you want to turn it off you can!! Just push and hold the sleep/wake buttin and voila! it turns off. to turn it back on push and hold!

    Very happy with my nano now.

  337. suzzan says:

    How do you get the gen 6 nano to shuffle songs? When I select shuffle it plays the same song over and over. Very frustrating.

  338. Dominik says:

    Hi, could anyone help me with my problem..I have got 6th gen nano and everytime I tap on radio icon screen just gets black and after like 2 sec apple logo appears on the display. I´ve tried to restore it several times..Is this the reason for sending it back??

  339. Radoslav says:

    i have a problem.My ipod nano 6g 16gb aways turn off after 1min

  340. Remy says:

    this is really a let down, as i have been a apple supporter for years.
    Now i got this nano from my girlfriend for xmas and it dies within a day cuz i cant switch it on/off.

    maybe its time to hire staff that would know this before producing and launching such electronics.
    If its all about customer service and satisfaction, you didnt succeed this time.

  341. Jonas says:

    No problem whyt batery , but it dont have alarm……

  342. Nate M says:

    I just got my Nano about 3 weeks ago. Never had a problem not being able to shut it off, but the battery does suck. Today, fully charged, the battery died after just 6 HOURS listening to the radio!

  343. Andrea says:

    never buy this Ipod. The battery life sucks and is not worth the money! I have to charge it every day.

  344. jess says:

    So much fuss about such a simple thing- AN OFF BUTTON!!!- i’m usually not hard to please but APPLE WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!

  345. Chris says:

    Periodically a voice starts reading off my playlists while I’m listening to my ipod nano 6. Voice over is set to “off.” Any suggestions?

  346. Line says:

    I got my Ipod Nano for christmas and it has worked fine until I made the opgrade to 1,1 on the 3 of Marts ever since it stops completly after about a minute of playing. I can the press the sleep/wake button and press play again as it remember what song it was playing. It is a real pain…. is there anything I can change to make this not happend and do others have the same problem ????

  347. maru says:

    I have the same problem as Line above. I made the upgrade yesterday and the ipod now goes to sleep after a minute of playing song or radio, or when you press sleep/wake button. How can I change this???

  348. Mauricio says:

    I have the same problem of Chris, the nano starts reading the playlist, and the voice over function is off. The problem is that I use the iPod for teaching gym classes! It’s embarassing when this s**** happens during a class! Any clue? I believe I will try restoring to the 1.0 OS, even with the “no turn-off” issue.

  349. I got iPod Nano 6.
    I’m using Win Xp, and it’s completly Can’t Syncing with iTunes(hangeng or pending) , just Syncing when i enter it with Computer )’:

    Apple, Please fix this problem, and All Poblems.

  350. bonnie says:

    charged my new nano 6th generton overnight wokred for40 min and half the batery is drained .. this is so so not fair .. have had it two days and not enjoying it .. such a simple thing as a battery and it does this .. please help or its going back and I would tell others not to waste their money on this .. features r ok but what good is it if the battery does not hold a charge for 24 hours like it says .. and yes I hit the snooze button and made sure it was off .. I think its going back to the store where I bought it if I dont get this resolved in less then 24 hours

  351. I’m pissed i got the 16 gig iPod Nano 6 gen for 80 bucks brand spankin new for 80 bucks and thought i hit the jackpot but no the battery sucks, not only that to change the battery cost more money than what i paid for it…. Seriously a big company like this should trouble shoot items before it is sold, and then they decide to sell the better version.

  352. robbie says:

    i don`t like the battry on it because i plugged it in all day fully charge i used it for 10 munites and it was dead i shud of got an i pod touch

  353. robbie says:

    if u want to save a couple of hours of battry all u have to do is hold sleep/wake button and the -volume button press and hold them at the same time and when the screen goes black press and hold the sleep/wake – and + button. pressand hold at the same time the u will be taken to the i term it will say stand by press the power button then it will be on off mode it will not waste batterty trust me i did it and now my battery lasts longer than 30 hours

    • Lorraine says:

      Thanks for your advice Robbie,have just tried it and it worked! don’t fancy downloading the 1.1 as comments have said it’s more hassle than it’s worth, at least this feels like your turning the dam thing off! when i couldn’t turn it off i thought it was just me being a techno phobe!

      Apple should no better- shame on you!

  354. Joe says:

    I HATE THIS IPOD! i have been BEGGING for a new ipod… this thing is a piece of s*** i cant even lock it? can someone PLEASE help me if they know a way to lock it?(AND STILL LISTEN TO MUSIC)

  355. Gilles Robineau says:

    Got my new Ipod nano, 6th Gen.
    I charge it fully at night, then the next evening when I go for my ride in my wheelchair, I listen to the radio, but only get 6 hrs battery life.
    What can I do

  356. pete the chop says:

    my girlfriend wanted one for her b day june 6 and now she wants to throw it away because of the crappy battery life

  357. shannon says:

    yea super frustrated with the battery life of mine and i don’t even use it that much but when i do i feel like i spend most of the time i’d like to listen to it, charging it instead. :(

  358. jack says:

    yea super frustrated with the battery life of mine and i don’t even use it that much but when i do i feel like i spend most of the time i’d like to listen to it, charging it instead.

  359. Jeffry Davis says:

    I have bought three nanos,and had to take all of them back. After listening to the radio for four hours the battery was almost dead. Tried everything apple wanted me to, no luck. Have they done anything to fix this problem?

  360. brittany roberts says:

    I just got my ipod in june and this is july my ipod be playing music then when the light goes off or when i put it on the sleep button it cuts off and usally when i put it on the sleep button it still play the music. these ipods be costing to much for it to be having so many problems

  361. Paul Woodhead says:

    My son had problem with his nano on/off/sleep switch on 6 month old nano. Took it back and they took 3 weeks to sort out a replacement which is classified as a repaired unit. They will only give a 90 day warranty on this replacement so they have no faith in their own technical ability. The reason Apple is so rich is because they treat their customers with contempt. I was going to buy an iphone but after this experience have gone for an HTC. Will Apple care – don’t think so they are far to arrogant

  362. Wei Ming says:

    i just bought the ipod 2 days ago, my first nano(i usually go for ipod touch). I got it many for workouts b/c this nano model was clearly built for it. I fully charged it,worked out, and the next morning the battery was almost dead. I had to make a decision to buy it or wait for the next ipod nano which may have a camera, but with no clip. I needed the clip for workouts such as weight lifting or jogging and the nano size was perfect so thats why i bought it. But charging it every now and then is a pain in the a$$. A nano should serve as a mini music/video/movie player, built for workouts, and have long battery life. I hope Apple will fix its flaws

  363. Wei Ming says:

    i just bought the ipod 2 days ago, my first nano(i usually go for ipod touch). I got it many for workouts b/c this nano model was clearly built for it. I fully charged it,worked out, and the next morning the battery was almost dead. I had to make a decision to buy it or wait for the next ipod nano which may have a camera, but with no clip. I needed the clip for workouts such as weight lifting or jogging and the nano size was perfect so thats why i bought it. But charging it every now and then is a pain in the a$$. A nano should serve as a mini music/video/movie player, built for workouts, and have long battery life. I hope Apple will fix its flaws

  364. Inez Morato says:

    I bought an ipod nano 6th generation thru Amazon.com. It’s my first ipod & was looking forward to listening to the music while on a bus trip for our scheduled vacation out of town. I tried it on for size & listened to my favorite songs on the way home from work. That evening, after listening for about 4 hours, the unit said it was low battery. Unfortunately, I didnt bring my laptop home so I couldn’t charge it. I wasnt able to use my ipod during the whole trip. What a disappointment!

  365. brad says:

    i am really let down by this ipod u guys should just make the 5th generation alot better i thing once this one breaks i am going just get a credit and buy a ipod touch

  366. Dejon says:

    well mines lock button is stuck and i can even fix it smh

  367. They certainly won’t be out until September, that’s for sure. Still, if that is the case you’d expect the designs to be almost finished by now, so perhaps there is a grain of truth in these… Only time will tell, we’re playing it safe and sitting on the fence!

  368. Well i got mine for cristmas last year and i was stoked then the battery kept dieing and i though maybe i didnt charge it long enough before i got it and now i am starting to get really frusturated and now thanks to most of you i know how to turn it off tanks guys

  369. Lori says:

    I am having trouble with my daughters ipod nano 6th gen turning off. I have tried restoring it to the factory settings twice and I also tried the techniques that are listed above. When I hold the buttons down and get the screen with the yellow writing and choose stand bye the ipod looks like it is turning off,but it immediately comes back on with out touching any buttons. It is constantly lighting up while it is just sitting on the table. Any suggestions as to why this is happening???? Thank you

  370. Pulkit says:

    I bought my ipod nano weaks ago….same battery life issues….plzzz somebody tell me how to fix it….i just love its design..not in the mood of returning it…..

  371. G.Pearce says:

    24 hours battery life is a fookin joke. 4or 5 hrs max,had mine 6months an now the damn thing wont turn on, fantastic product but crap.ha.

  372. Tom Smith says:

    Exactly what happened to me, would turn off when disconnected from powersource and would turn back on if used within 24 hours but after two days battery would need charge. Now cannot get the sob to get past the apple insignia before it goes into a diagnostic looking screen that says something about power then goes blank. Apply power to it overnight and extended periods, nothing. Probably need to replace battery now but this is a design problem not a user problem and should be on Apples Nickel. Not happy and was given this as a present Xmas 2010 and per Apple not covered. Thank you Apple.

  373. nency yasmin cabrera peralta says:

    super nice los ipod k esta regalando la pepsy bllosssss ok kiero unoo jajajajjajaa…!!!!!!!!!!!

  374. Robby Bommer says:

    i have the same problem my battery only lasts like 5 to 6 hours if i take it back to apple will they fix this i mean come on 120 flippin dollars and then this shit wtf man!!!

  375. Mira says:

    it does turn off you have to hold the standby button until it shuts off and it won’t lose any battery.

  376. HStice says:

    I think that the battery life is one out of many problems with this version of the nano. This was my first ever I Pod. I have only had it for less than 6 months and the sleep/ wake button is already broken. Apple used a tape for both the sleep/wake button and volume control. When the I pod heats in even the slightest manner it destroys the tape making the I pod defective. My I Pod no longer turns on or off as a result only when I plug it into my computer. I am very dissatisfied with my purchase!

  377. Marie says:

    Bought one on December 6th – exchanged for another one on December 15, because when I’m listening to the radio and using the pedometer (and that’s it – nothing else), battery is dead within 5 – 5 1/2 hours. Have been using the exchanged one for less than a week and the same thing is happening. I even tried turning everything except radio off and it doesn’t help. The whole point of buying this particular one was because it has radio and a pedometer built in. I wanted something small that I could listen to while at work, but if it’s only going to last half the day, it’s worthless. I want my money back!!!

  378. TyJuray Hollie says:

    my ipod nano for some reason pauses when it go’s into SLEEP mode can anyone help me

    • Jenae says:

      My iPod is doing the same thing. It appears to be Apple’s new “fix” for all the people who were complaining about battery life. Now when you press the play/pause button, the iPod turns off. It’s not really a sleep/wake button anymore is it? So if you want to listen to music and have the screen dark, you have to wait a few minutes for it to automatically turn off.

  379. Matt says:

    I have fully charged my Nano and when it’s charing will work fine, as soon as I disconnect the charger I can’t get it to turn on!

    Everyone else seems to have issues turning it off, I can’t turn it on.

    Any help?

  380. Jenae says:

    I haven’t had any battery life problems, and I liked it the old way better. I think I will use more battery this way because you have to wait for the screen to go black while you are listening to music. Before I would immediately turn the screen off while I was listening to songs. People who are having battery problems should try turning their brightness down, and keep in mind that it has 24 hours of audio playback, not 24 hours of screen time.

  381. Hayley says:

    I’m really hating mine. I just bought it around two weeks ago and its been a bugger. I though I would give the Ipod a go due to hearing good things but I wish I hadn’t bought it. $250.00. What a waste of cash.

  382. xi says:

    i just purchased the ipod nano 6th generation a couple days ago i haven’t even had a chance to use it yet because the battery is dead the next morning. i charged it on my laptop and my wall charger till it was fully charged took it off then turned it off holding down the sleep/wake button then went to use it the next morning and it wont even turn on. as soon as i plug it in to charge it turns back on and starts charging again. its pretty ridiculous to spend $140 on this thing i haven’t even been able to listen to any music.

  383. Rachel G says:

    Bought this Friday for work. died after 5 hours the 1st night after only listening to the radio (which had poor reception as some local stations didn’t even come in). I thought I may not have had a full charge on it so I left it plugged in and unpluged it on my way out the door for work last night. It died before I got out of work and to be able to listen to it i had to be really careful not to use it much so the batery would last.

    I wanted to use the pedometer at work but that will be useless if It can’t even hold a charge for a full shift.

    I will be returning it today for a refund. My daughter has a 5th gen and it’s so much better than this one!

  384. Cecelia says:

    My battery “conveniently” completely died after 13 months when the warranty ran out. The Apple Store told me the best they could do is replace the battery for $60 which only has a 90-day warranty. What a ripoff!! They said if an extended warranty was purchased at the time the ipod was purchased, it would be covered. Guess how much the extended warranty was…..$60!!! So where are we ahead? Shame on Apple.

  385. Leigh New Zealand says:

    I purchased mine a few weeks ago and used it on night duty. Same problem in that the battery was depleted after about 4 to 5 hours of radio and tunes…very frustrating. I went into the Apple Store and was advised that plugging device directly into wall socket was the best/fastest way to charge. The initial charge should be for approx 10 hours (and then leave plugged in for a further one hour) the PLUG icon will then show on the battery charge bar to indicate that the ipod is fully charged. You can then leave it on stand by and use as a watch as well for around a week depending on usage before you need to charge it again. If you’ve started out only charging your new ipod for a few hours only, the battery may already be damaged…ie now has a shortened battery life memory so will not now be able to be fully charged to get the 24 hr play time. However if you’ve only just got your ipod then you should still be ok if you try the into the wall socket for 10 to 11 hours for a full charge. The guy at the Apple Store was really helpful and told me not to bother turning the ipod off completely as the battery life will be fine…he was right and my ipod now works as advertised….very happy!!

  386. Sandy says:

    Just bought my nano, charged the battery, it showed a full charge. Took it to work to listen to the radio had not downloaded my playlist yet.. The battery only lasted 2 hours. This was very disappointing. I owned the first generation never had any problems with it. I charged it again, same problem does not hold a charge very long at all. How can I use this device for entertaining or working out I work out longer then 2 hours. Very frustrated. Going to the Apple store tomorrow in Albuquerque to see if they have any answers. Apple what’s up?

  387. Carlo says:

    Same problem. I used to be an apple fan, i am gonna go for pears now. Really disappointing to have to hassle over a missing on/off button. I thought i would find an answer to my problem, i see we’ve been ripped off.

  388. tugpax says:

    i experiencing it too,, i live my nano fully charged but when i will use it the other day,, its drain,, how frustrating

  389. Kenya says:

    I have had my ipod nano for about a year and just started to use it this month. (August) I have been using it for about a week now and it seems to never sleep. If I do not use it for a few hours i come back and its dead. Is there any way as customers that we receive some kind of rebate or free fix since it is factory error? We paid good money for these and i feel it being a waste if you are not able to use it like you should be able too. This whole situation just gets a bit under your skin if you depend on your ipod as much as I do.

  390. chriss says:

    well im not really upto that issue for now, what im having is that button, i think, has been damage and dont know how and what happened? coz now its not workin.so just wanna ask if this can be fix…pls. reply coz im really that upset with it..and incase i may have an issue bout the battery, is this can be replace too???

  391. Mike says:

    Has anyone used the a online repair service? I broke my nano screen and need it fixed.

    I found a site called ipodrefresh and they seem to be legit.

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