Touchscreen iPod Nano or is it for a Shuffle Touch?

Taiwanese based Apple blog has posted some leaked photos of a new small touchscreen that is marked for an Apple product, but are we talking about a slimmed down iPod Nano or is it for a brand new touchscreen iPod Shuffle?

The leaked touchscreen measures a tiny 1.2 x 1.2 inches so it is not for the fat fingered among us, leading us to believe that it might be for a new iPod Shuffle instead of a slimmed down iPod Nano.

There are lots of rumours around the future of the Apple iPod range at the moment, especially around the coming iPod Touch 4 and how many of the iPhone 4 or Apple iPad features it will inherit, if any at all. But others believe that this touchscreen, due to its size, could also be for a brand new Apple product, perhaps for an iWatch.

Perhaps we could see an iWatch that is like a combination of a watch and an iPod Shuffle, hopefully with full Nike+ integration as we can see it becoming a popular little device for any active person out there.

New Apple touchscreen product

Touchscreen for new Apple product leaked


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