Top 4 speakers docks 2011: Summer accessories for your iPhone

With the fantastic weather we have had this spring here in the UK many have been enjoying their days and evenings in parks or outdoors, and what better way to enhance those lovely summer evenings then with your favourite tunes from your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

We already have a comprehensive overview of speakers for iPod and iPhone speakers, but in light of the many options in the market these days we have pulled together our top 4 summer iPod speakers for 2011, with our opinion of which are the best in the individual classes; best home speaker dock, best portable speaker, best ultra portable bluetooth speaker, and best low-price park speaker.

Best home speaker dock 2011: B&W Zeppelin Air

Meet the Zeppelin Air from B&WWe have to give the home iPod speaker dock of 2011 to the improved B&W Zeppelin Air which is now fully Apple Airplay compatible.

The Zeppelin Air was released just a couple of months back, but it is keeping true to the unique and popular style of its predecessor, with some added improvements for an even better sound. With the addition of AirPlay compatibility this is in our view now the complete speaker dock for the home.

More information, including price and where to buy, can be found about the Zeppelin Air here.

Best portable iPod speaker 2011: Arcam rCube

Arcam rCubeIn our opinion the Arcam rCube was hot in the heels of the Zeppelin Air when it came to choice of speaker dock of the year. The fact that it also comes with a rechargeable battery makes the rCube shoe-in for portable speaker dock of the year.

The Arcam rCube has constantly received close to top marks in all reviews thanks to the impressive sound that comes from such a relatively small unit, outputting an impressive 90w. It is not 100% AirPlay compatible yet, but it does provide wireless streaming capabilities with the addition of a rWand adaptor.

More information, including price and where to buy, can be found about the Arcam rCube here.

Best ultra portable bluetooth speaker 2011: Jawbone Jambox

Jawbone JamboxThere is something to be said for not having to connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad to a speaker to enjoy the music, even when out and about. There are many options when it comes to small portable bluetooth speakers these days, but our favourite is the Jawbone Jambox.

You can’t go wrong with a portable speaker that fits nicely in your bag/purse, does not need any wires connecting, and looks like it could have been designed by Lego. Bluetooth speakers have come a long way in the last year or so, and the sound from the Jambox is of a good quality for when you are out and about.

More information, including price and where to buy, can be found about the Jawbone Jambox here.

Best low-price park speaker 2011: XMI-X Mini II portable speaker

XMI-X Mini II speakerIf you are after a portable speaker that is small, cheap, but with a decent sound then you should check out the XMI-X Mini II.

This little ball of fun is light on the wallet but with a good sound for its size. When you think about it, you don’t necessarily need wall-rocking sound when you are out and about, and need to consider other people around you as well. This one easily connects to any iPod/iPhone/iPad, or other player with 3.5mm audio connector.

More information, including price and where to buy, can be found about the XMI-X Mini II here.


You can see more comprehensive overviews of speaker docks and reviews in the following sections:

We fully understand that not everyone will agree with our list, but they are based on our personal opinion. However feel free to share your respective choices with the rest of the community by leaving a comment below.


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