Tiny microphone for iPod Touch 2G

It is quite amazing that 6-7 months after the launch of  the new 2nd generation iPod Touch no one as yet created a small and functional microphone solution for the iPod Touch that will give you good usage of the built in support for mic in and applications such as Fring and Truphone for VOiP calling. This tiny mic is the closest i have come across to something that is remotely interesting, except for earphones with built in mic such as the Griffin TuneBuds and the Skullcandy FMJ.

This little tiny microphone plug in that is compatible with the iPhone 3G, the iPod Touch 2G, the iPod Nano 4G and the iPod classic 120gb by using their built in support for mic in, uses the iPod headphone jack instead of the earier bulkier mic solutions that use the dock connector, which so far has been like attaching a brick to the iPod.

Tiny Mic for iPod

This tiny mic actually weighs only 4.5 grams and is 13 mm in diameter, making it tiny compared to anything else that has been on the market so far. Since Apple did not see it fit to add mic functionality built into the iPod Touch then this is probably the closest we come so far, although it does hijack the headphone jack making it difficult to use the headphones at the same time (requires an additional ugly adapter).

On the iPod Touch you just have to plug it in according to the website that sells it, although for voice recording purposes you will need to download an application such as the iTalk Recorder or Easy Recorder for iPod Touch. For iPod Nano 4G and iPod Classic usage you can use the built in voice recording app.

I have not been able to find a UK distributor of the tiny mic yet, but you can always buy it from the usbfever.com for $14.99.


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7 Responses to "Tiny microphone for iPod Touch 2G"

  1. If there was a way to mke the ipod touch 2nd gen speakers not turn off when this mic was plugged in u could really use it as a phone with fring! is there a way with winterboard or somthing of the sort that would allow this?

  2. ddonuts4 says:

    download siphon from cydia(jailbreak required) it is like fring, and has the option to use the speaker even with something plugged in.

  3. WATCHMAN says:

    there’s a seller on ebay that sells them ebay user interdealz item number 200352005298

  4. MARK says:

    Does that mic piece allow you to use VOIP applications on I-POD 2G, like Skype or I-call??
    Could some one advice??

  5. Misuki says:

    You can find this on a website called dealextreme.com literally for less than $5! I got mine from there ^__^

  6. james braselton says:

    hi there what a small microphone i saw that belkin had a microphone too just bigger and cost more money

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